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    Resurrecting Nickrosis in SF!

    Hi all! I just changed my profile for the first time since 2005! I'm dropping in to say hello and apologize for not responding to PMs dating back to 2008. Quickly - I moved out to San Francisco in April because my wife is in technology, leaving my dad and our family business behind in...
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    Using H2B

    Who's using H2B? What agent did you work with and how did they arrange things? America Work Visa doesn't charge the employer anything but requires a 10 worker minimum, which we could handle. The greater question, I'm wondering, is whether it's better to hire those 10 locally or not. Finding...
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    Best Arborist Username

    Any nominations for the best username you've seen here or elsewhere? (Tree-related...) I got mine from my friend Jake when they were trying to come up with nick-names for everyone in our SSA group. I think it was devised on a road-trip... But I've enjoyed laughing at a lot of people's...
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    Pics from TCI Expo 2006 in Baltimore

    Hey folks, just ducking in to provide a link to my album of pics from the conference. I had some embarassing pictures in there before for friends, but edited those out (except of Jojo) for a more public-suitable album which Tom wanted to get out to folks. Happy looking, I appreciate...
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    Migrating to QuickBooks

    The inevitable has arrived! My strategy to migrating to QuickBooks is to buy a single-user version now, get acquainted with it, become proficient in nearly all areas, then buy another 5-user license and start teaching everyone how to use it. Eventually, we'll need more, but that's the starting...
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    TreeQuote Workshop - 3/29/06 - Monticello, IL

    Across all my e-mail addresses, I've gotten a couple announcements for this workshop coming up. There's a $75 fee, but it appears to be a sales presentation for their estimating product. Anyone aware of this? Workshop Registration: Company Website...
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    Climb Strong?

    I tried searching for it but to no avail. What's the Climb Strong graphic under some ppl's names for? I guess I haven't figured out the user text progressions either.
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    Text issues

    For whatever reason, on this site only, text lines seem to overlap each other on a semi-regular basis. Not every line, and not every time, but they often do. It makes it kinda hard to read posts, actually! I'm using Mozilla Firefox, soon to be the top browser. But the problem goes away with IE...