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  1. MrBill

    Favorite termination knot

    I normally run a spliced end but was messing around with an old rope the other day. I used to use a figure 8 on a bight backed up with a stopper. Although this set up is bomb proof and i feel very secure with it, its not very streamlined and interferes with the hitch while using the hitch...
  2. MrBill

    Bandit 65aw battery not charging

    Hello was wondering if anybody can help.. got a 2004 bandit 65aw with a honda gx-670 and the battery keep going dead on me, found that the battery is not getting a charge when engine is running, not really sure where to go next? I guess these things have a stator and rectifier? thanks
  3. MrBill

    Double towing in new jersey?

    I was wondering if anybody knows the rules of double towing with a passenger vehicle? I see tractor trailers double towing in this state but never saw a pickup doing it. I was hoping to tow a small dump trailer with a bandit 65 behind it, as long as i didnt have to back up it would make life...
  4. MrBill

    question about rope diameter and zk2

    I want to start off by saying I'm fairly new to srt but am enjoying its benefits greatly. I have the newer rope wrench and love the concept but am having trouble getting my hitch to not bind here and there. I have tried different hitch cords, diameters, length, distel, vt, xt and with different...
  5. MrBill

    goats in a tree

    pretty impressive!
  6. MrBill

    man steals chainsaw

    anyone check this out yet..
  7. MrBill

    chainsaw sharpener

    was wondering if anyone has experience with an electric chain saw sharpener? i dont mind sharpening my small chains by hand but my 660 with the 28 and 36inch bar is a killer and it seems to be the chains i eat up most (hitting metal oh about head level). i saw oregon had some sharpeners for...
  8. MrBill

    ms 660 chain brake

    just had my chain brake get really tight today. i normally just give it a tap with my left hand at the end of a cut (flick my wrist). but out of nowhere it got tight and now i have to grab it with my right hand (which could be unsafe) to engage it... anyone have this issue? is it a quick fix...
  9. MrBill

    rope bag for ce lanyard

    just wondering if anyone out there uses a small hip rope bag for a long lanyard (around 30ft of rope) I'm thinking about ordering a nice long lanyard but want to try to keep it neat. i was gonna also thinking of getting a small throw line bag (good for 150ft of throw line) not sure if its too...
  10. MrBill

    poison ivy

    just recently found you can get poison ivy by cutting and handling the leafless vine just wondering if anybody know the dangers of inhaling the vines dust (from the saw cutting it, chippers etc) if there is any? thanks
  11. MrBill

    2ton ratchet puller failure

    just wondering if anybody else out there has had any trouble with the 2 ton heavy duty ratchet puller (i think that sherrill calls it the more power puller) i did less than 20 jobs with it when i started to notice some binding going on as i started to pull through the bind (noticing that the...
  12. MrBill

    spider legs

    i was just wondering if anyone tried using a blakes hitch to connect to the main rope while using a home made spider leg? not sure if it would hold or tighten to much? thanks