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  1. Fabz

    Chainsaw modders

    Seems like a lot of bad blood between chainsaw modders ... almost like a click and if u are one of the "golden ones" the others will jump all over ya ... really school-girl garbage with these fellas ... oh well it's a damn shame but things are the way they are-some people never graduated from...
  2. Fabz

    Black Cat Performance

    I am available for saw upgrades is ... The upgrades I perform will make your saws flat-out Produce without breaking the bank ! I have videos showcasing the work ... if u want your saw to run like a beast I'm the man ... I also have bolt-on kits consisting of a modded...
  3. Fabz

    241c-441c bolt on performance kits

    email or start conversation here ... work can be viewed at Fabzacres ... please no spam ; arguments ; or personal attacks