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  1. JeffL

    FS: Bulldog bone $150/bo

    Bought last year at NE Grows, used it a handful of times, could never get it to perform as I wanted. Has only a few hours on it at best, and would come with all 3 sizes of bollards. Replaced upper d-ring with a tech cord tether. Would love to IP at NE grows Thursday or Friday if someone sees...
  2. JeffL

    Sawpod, grigri, petzl double ascender, prussics.

    Just thinning out stuff a bit, grigri has seen basically no use, as has the ascender, hand spliced hrc is 5 years old, sat in my bag, maybe seen 2 climbs. Footlock prussic and double pulley. Could I get $155 shipped for it as a bundle?
  3. JeffL

    I couldn't help myself.

    It's just so cute, I couldn't not take one home. I can't ever seem to leave a tradeshow without something shiny. Damn it.
  4. JeffL

    Spiderjack 2.1, ZK-1, CMI right hand asc, croll

    Wifey wants to get the kids on one more trip before summer vacation is over, so I guess its time to finally sell some unused stuff! No idea on what the going used prices are on stuff these days, so feel free to make an offer. Can get a picture of any of it if you want. Have a croll chest...
  5. JeffL

    Local death - ladder+manlift+chainsaw This happened just a few miles down the road from our shop on Monday. Story goes, he was trying to remove an 80-90' pine with a 50' man lift, and when that wasn't tall enough, he set up an extension ladder in the...
  6. JeffL

    Felling a few maples.

    Pretty amazing drops, if you notice with the first tree, f'n driver nearly barber chairs the tree by going too early on the pull line! Unbelievable. I took away his candy and hes going to bed early tonite for that one...
  7. JeffL

    Setups for children?

    Just picked up a saddle for my 8 year old and going to bring him up in some nice low limbed noway maples in our yard. With the general lack of upper body strength young kids possess, what is a recommended setup for getting him in the tree and doing some ascending/descending? Want it to be...
  8. JeffL

    Timelapse pine trunk removal

    Buddy of mine I work with who posts on another site took this vid back ib September I think it was. The tree was really only about 100' to the tips, the one behind it was closer to 110'. The bigger one was growing up out of some smaller trees, so used a drift line setup to lower stuff into the...
  9. JeffL

    Cant clip retrieval snap on pulleysaver on rope?

    Just using my pulleysaver for the first time today, for some reason I cannot clip the retrieval snap on the line. Im stuck passing the line through the snap and reattaching the retrieval ball. Using Tachyon. Can get the rope in, but wont pass the gate enough to close it. Its brand new, im...
  10. JeffL

    Big shot quick release issue; easy solution?

    So I just picked up one of those Wichard quick release shackles from treestuff and have had a limited amount of time to play around with it. I've got it roughed out as just a prussik with long loop with the shackle on it on the lower pole, snap in the pouch and pull it tight. I'm running into...
  11. JeffL

    Northeast snow storm.

    Anyone else been affected by this? Was lucky and had power until an hour ago, which was turned off as some idiot tried driving under some downed poles down the street and got his car tangled in the wires. Idiots! In my area anywhere from 10 to 24" reported, the higher amounts in the upper...
  12. JeffL

    One near miss, and a splicing injury!

    Havent gotten around to writing this down, but wanted to share my boneheaded move with others. First is the cut I received from my own carelessness and probably a poor practice I picked up from another splicer. ***Picture isnt super gory, but there is blood and an open wound.***...
  13. JeffL

    Thank you Treestuff!

    Well, I'm a customer now! Was sold on the new Petzl Vertex after trying it on recently at the NETCC and finally got around to ordering it this Sunday, along with just a simple throw weight. It was processed and shipped Monday, and had it here Wednesday, sweet! Not only that, but they threw in...
  14. JeffL

    Fun pine tmrw, floating anchor, lookin for input

    So I've got a single white pine removal tomorrow. (Missing the Mayer arbor day! Gotta make hay while the sun shines ya know?) The pine is settled near the crest of an almost unwalkable hill. Its probably 8-10 horizontal feet away from the edge of the flat, and perhaps 6 vertical feet down. The...
  15. JeffL

    Croll as primary fall protection in SRT ascent?

    Been piecing together a frog walker setup, as i found it easy for me, simplistic and not too gear intensive. I haven't really played with many other systems but im going to work with this for awhile first. Finally got a croll ascender and was wondering if people are using this as a primary fall...
  16. JeffL

    All gear tech cord as whoopie?

    Stealing an idea I saw off JesseHuffmans video here the other day, adjustable whoopie as a ring/ring or ring/pulley friction saver. All gears directions on an eye n eye are different from tenex so just wanted to get thoughts on doing it in a similar fashion. Would a locking brummel and a fid of...
  17. JeffL

    Well, here we go!

    Its 730 and still -18, and unfortunately the trucks actually started so out we go! :-(
  18. JeffL

    Damn stubs!

    Long story short, taking down 2 double stemmed red oaks next to a house on friday. Had gotten 2 of 4 stems down and was just taking small chunks off the 3rd to shorten it up so nothing from the 4th stem would hang up on it while rigging down the stuff over the house. Was maybe only the bottom...
  19. JeffL

    Endless loop in tenex?

    I found some small splicing instructions through Sampson online that says to treat an endless loop like an end to end splice, just using 2x the length of the desired loop. Only thing is I'm wanting to just do a 30" or so endless loop with a ring spliced in for use on a friction saver, so I'd...
  20. JeffL

    So.....we chipped a 38" dbh pine with a 9" chipper

    So.....we chipped a 38\" dbh pine with a 9\" chipper Stihl 460 w/ 25" bar for scale. First big real job on my own, getting creative. Posted pics last week of one 36" maple I...