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  1. livefreeordie

    Go pro and Sena mounts on my new protos

    Hey all you protos helmet owners out there, I am looking for some advice and hopefully pictures of where and how you have mounted go pro mounts and Sena Bluetooth units on your protos helmets. I have mounted my other Sena units on petzl helmets but the protos is a very different helmet. Thanks...
  2. livefreeordie

    Homemade chest harness

    I first started single rope work positioning several years ago when I bought one of original rope wrenches, and ever since then I have been striving to find an effective way to advance my climbing system during ascent. I have tried all sorts of different methods but finally last year I spliced a...
  3. livefreeordie


    Stein x2 aluminum climbers brand new in the box never assembled. I won these in a comp and have no use for them. I would take 300 dollars for them or I am open to trades... Roperunner perhaps...hit me up and maybe we can make a deal
  4. livefreeordie

    heat shrink wrap

    So i am looking for some heavy duty heat shrink tube such as the kind used to cover grizzly splices and other stitched products. i am interested in using this tubing and some small labels in order to label lengths and constructions on the end of our rigging slings and ropes. we have just...
  5. livefreeordie

    rain gear for climbers?

    Someone please come to my rescue....I am searching for a set of durable/breathable rain gear for climbing. i have used several different sets from eastern mountain sports all of which are very breathable and nice, but not quite durable enough. any suggestions welcome...please help me stay dry...
  6. livefreeordie

    Happy Birthday Treebeach

    Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you have a great day and I hope to see you soon for some splicing.
  7. livefreeordie

    happy birthday timberjack

    happy birthday emmett. have a great day buddy...see you soon