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  1. NJC

    Arbortec Breatheflex Chainsaw Pants

    I just got a pair of these Arbortec pants from Sherrill and after one day in them noticed that the chainsaw protection on the left leg/hip is not completely sewn to the pants fabric as it is on the other side. This leaves the protection in that small area prone to shifting/flapping, but more...
  2. NJC

    Experienced Climber moving to Portland, OR

    Hello TreeBuzz, The first week of December I'm uprooting from Minnesota and heading to Portland, OR and am seeking to get a feel for and explore opportunities in the city. I'm an experienced climber that is comfortable with rigging and removals in tight spaces, ANSI pruning of trees and shrubs...
  3. NJC

    WTB Port a wrap

    Does anyone have a mini port a wrap sitting around that they don't use? I see the Buckingham version on treestuff and think it will work well for the tiny stuff I do for side jobs. Having never used it though I can't get myself to shell out for a new one being that the medium/more familiar/more...
  4. NJC

    WTB Rope Wrench ZK1

    Hi all, First post here, and of course it's cuz I'm looking for something! I rec climb (with hopes to tree camp) on 9mm HTP static line using the RADS system. It's a pain to move around in the tree with the grigri, so I've been looking into friction hitch options, on a budget of course. The...