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  1. GezelligHomes

    Solidur Pants

    Does anyone have real Arborist review on these pants? Specifically the SoFresh.
  2. GezelligHomes

    Weaver Wide Back D Harness

    ok, so I can't fork a load of money into a newer nice harness right now there is one I have in mind but can't. Anyways, I wanna add a rope bridge to my current harness, Weaver Wide back D, I thought about doing two Carabiners, attached to the Hooks with a Prusik that is Double eye spliced? What...
  3. GezelligHomes

    Pa Law/Arborist Work

    hey guys, so looking for some information on laws in Arborculture in pa. To my understanding there is no specific state law that requires someone to be a "Certified" Arborist to cut down trees, right? I've studied Pa Code and nothing comes up. But my city, which I can understand a city may input...
  4. GezelligHomes

    Trimming and removing

    hey what's up guys!? I would like to ask y'all. Question bout pricing. So I always beat my competeors or match them, but I had a customer who said a quote to trim the tops off three "Arboeviteas" to make level with upper windows, remove a 15' Plum infected by black knot, and staking a small...
  5. GezelligHomes


    hey what's up guys, I would like your opinion on speed lines. I get 550 Cord is Static rope, but do you think using it as webbing would be ok? Doubling it up knotting to a Carabiner and sending it, down your tied off line. Just a thought.