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    Hey Yaa!!! thattreeguy, how ya doing ma good buddy!! Seriously though, how are the Sitkas and Cedars looking in your area? are they ok? or are they showing any similar symptoms? Any extreme low temperatures over winter or spring? Salt Spray damage? Flooding? Sudden Oak Death will affect...
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    Gerry Beraneks 090 up for auction!!

    [ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] Hey bud, thanks for the link to this site. It's just what I've been looking for. Hope your saw sells for as much as you expect.
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    Gerry Beraneks 090 up for auction!!

    [ QUOTE ] It will be interesting to see where this legendary saw ends up! [/ QUOTE ] You gotta be kidding me right? legendary saw? it's a freakin inanimate object!! You must be losing your mind like the rest of society to talk about a chainsaw in that manner. Listen up! Feeble as it may...
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    Re: Hitchclimber *DELETED* Post deleted by Tom Dunlap
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    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Anyone one else agree? [/ QUOTE ] Nope. [/ QUOTE ] Why not?
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    [ QUOTE ] Is it ok if I wear a Disney licensed Pirates of the Caribbean bandanna? [/ QUOTE ] Yes
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    [ QUOTE ] i You have some very familiar characteristics of a former user on this board...Maybe your wife will yank your internet conection soon also. [/ QUOTE ] I take it you are talking about axeknot, yes, i have seen the thread 'there is probably no god' and he sounds like a cool guy. I...
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    best new climbing saw

    ryobi or partner or mcculloch or homelite
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    GRCS vs. Honda XR250R

    [ QUOTE ] Gotta love those Austrians... KTM, Glock, [/ QUOTE ] Glock! you gun nut! Rambozo is what we be calling you soon my friend! Anyways, I just sold this bike in order to buy me some treeclimbing equipmennt. I'm swapping dirty streets for fresh air and big treeclimbing adventures...
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    tips 'n tricks for getting paid faster

    Re: tips \'n tricks for getting paid faster [ QUOTE ] Building contractors and property maintenance people can be an absolute PITA because they beat you up on price and then take forever to pay. [/ QUOTE ] This seems to be the case wherever you are in the world. I like private residential...
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    GRCS vs. Honda XR250R

    Mr Frans, are you ok?
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    My theory about ink and piercings are that they are just another mundane example of people trying to be different in the same way as everyone else. Non conformity is a state in the mind, not wether or not you have ink done or wear some stupit nipple ring. Ink and Piercings = very predictable...
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    GRCS vs. Honda XR250R

    I think you were very stupid to do this. Dont you think you were behaving like a imbecile? Lowering devices are for lowering wood. Not lifting dirtbikes. I'd have had a KTM Duke on the end of that line and you wouldn't have seen me for dust. You'd be trying to haul me up on that ol good...
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    Todays jobs

    It looked very windy! bet you were happy to get back on ground.