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  1. fireman33

    Rope for hitch hiker

    Started shopping around for a new rope to use with my hh2. Just wondering if anyone has some recommendation based on actual experience using the rope with that device climbing SRT. I've been using New England km3 for the last couple of years which works okay but I'm looking for an arborist...
  2. fireman33

    Working close to power

    I looked at a job today and one of the tree " spruce" is close the the power line. Not the house feed but the triplex. There are long branches under the lines that can be dropped with no problem and the power company has trimmed the tree before where it would have touched the lines...above the...
  3. fireman33

    Buckingham buckcat saddle liger mod

    im going ahead and doing the liger mod on my buckcat saddle tonight...I've got 2 smc mini rigging plate and got a couple rings as well...I was just wondering if it's okay to use New England km3 climbing rope for my bridge or is it unsafe...
  4. fireman33

    New climber

    hey guys, I'm a new ish climber and I am looking for a few tips. I have been climbing with a rads system for about 4 months now, the reason I choose that setup is because that's what I'm used too. I've been a rope access worker for 6 years so using a petzl Id is what I know the tree...