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    There was a tree hiding in there.

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    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Request was to clean and prune the tree to allow more light or have to spend $40K to move the green. Goal accomplished. End day 1 End 1/2 day 2. To accomplish the goal we did a major reduction of the green side stem to provide more light penetration. Due to the lack of proper pruning and...
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    Fun job.

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    Chipper Insurance

    I'm looking for a new carrier to insure my chipper. Progressive will not insure chippers. Any thought? Thanks,
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    Tree Frog Tree Service - Hiring Climber's/Driver's

    Hiring Climber's/Driver's - Experience required with a clean driving recored. Equipment provided. The Villages, FL
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    Ever cut your rope to Escape?

    Had a fun day today. Got do decide to get stung to death or cut my rope with a 372 w/ 24” bar on the hip. All I can say is that silky’s are sharp. The fall was a 20’ leap of faith. No injuries. Just about 40 stings. I was doing a “quick” job working on a large live oak (virginanna). Cut one...
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    Bandit ZT1844

    Just started looking into this unit to get to some tight spots. Anyone have any experience and price points? Thanks.
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    Cabling and Bracing as an Arborist

    I recently had a chance to bid a cabling and bracing job. I did not win the bid as another Arborist did. I thought this would be a fun one to talk about as there are quite a bit of discussion that can be made on this tree and what was done to it. The DBH = 40 inches The Diameter of the...
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    Power House Mini Loaders

    I am looking for a mini loader and cannot figure out who makes the Power House line. Anyone know? Thanks.
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    D-Rings for Stake Pockets

    I have a flat bed equipment trailer that did not come with D-rings. I was going to have some welded on but haven't gotten around to it. I just found these from a great trailer manufacturer. Just got 4 for a quick fix. I'll let you know how they work...
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    Opinions on the Computer Controlled Husq - 500 series

    What are people's opinions on Husqvarna's 500 Series Saws?
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    Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata)

    I was lucky enough to prune this date palm this summer. Lots of work. Well worth it in the end. I have a question about the best way to keep the new seedlings/shoots from coming back. Items already addressed: -Cutting below the heart once tall enough. -Routine cutting of stalks until they...
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    Pushing Pruning Limitations

    In response to a previous post from Guy I have decided to post a personal study that I have been documenting. My goal is for an accredited agency to formally use this information as a basis for a study. Of course this pruning method will probably be species and growing season dependent. The...
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    Podium Bosun's Seat By Petzl

    Podium Bosun\'s Seat By Petzl I've been using my Petzl Sequoia SRT for palms but as everyone knows your legs take a beating from hanging there. I plan on getting a Sequoia Swing in the future as the palms get bigger but in the...
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    Retrenchment and Mistletoe

    I figured that I would just start a new post to address this tree (Quercus virginiana) from I call this the puzzle tree because as you walk around it, your plan changes at every angle. It was not...
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    Grapple Truck Insurance

    I have a buddy that has a grapple truck in layup and to get insurance to bring it online he is being quoted at $16,000. The insurance company wants to rate the 30 yard grapple as a crane. I have never owned a grapple so I am not familar with the insurance costs. What are the going rates and...
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    Got motivated by Cameron.
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    Silva Cells

    Anyone have any experience installing this under driveways after root pruning a mature tree. Root barrier will be installed to a depth of 18" but just saw this and considered entertaining some new root chases designed for a re-expansion of the root zone back to the green space on the other side...
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    Close call on TV
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    Board Certified Arborist

    Figured I'd throw it out there. What have been the pro's and con's in getting your BCA. Is is worth the extra CEU's when running your own business. Thanks