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  1. Philtreeman#1

    What spur & pad combo do you shorter guys prefer

    I am looking to outfit my employee with Spurs. He is shorter with short calf muscles. My Geckos seemed like they did not fit well & raised huge blisters. I was wondering what you shorter guys like.
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    Wanted suggestions for new bussiness name REWARD

    I am looking for more suggestions for a business name. If I use your suggestion the reward will be some things from I have finally decided where I want to go with my business. You can read the details on this...
  3. Philtreeman#1

    I have decided where I want to go with my business

    Hi everyone . I have finally decided where I want to go with my business. I looking for advice and suggestions. We have been doing general tree trimming and removals for about five years now. I have been doing all climbing. We also do...
  4. Philtreeman#1

    Looking for a chip truck

    We are looking to buy a chipper truck with toolboxes. I am thinking about getting a 19500 GVW truck or am I better off getting a heavier truck? A bigger one seems like overkill. Pros and cons of bigger or smaller? I am currently running a two man crew and a small chipper. We do climbing only...
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    How do you carry rakes and shovels on your rig

    I am looking to build a skid that I can transfer from one truck to the next with my pallet forks. I am looking for efficient ways to carry rakes and shovels on the skid. What clever or practical ways are you using to keep your rakes and shovels organized and easy to grab? Pictures and...
  6. Philtreeman#1

    Which to choose? Mini Skid Steer

    I need some input. I am looking to purchase a new mini. I have been looking at the Bobcat Mt 55 (We have a local dealer and we would be able to rent attachments), Toro Dingo TX 427 (good dealer 128 miles away, probably wont be able to rent attachments) or the Boxer 322D (dealer 277 miles away...
  7. Philtreeman#1

    MS 440 rebuild and modifications

    Howdy everyone I finally got my MS 440 disassembled. I am planing to do a few modifications. dual port muffler, remove mixture screw limiters, try a timing advance & maybe some port work. I will post some pictures. If you are working on a 440 you are welcome to post here.
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    Small Tree Service company looking for a Climber and Groundman In Twin Falls ID

    I am looking for a climber that is proficient in removals and pruning.You must be honest, reliable, willing to learn, and enthused in arbor culture. I am hoping to find someone that is content to work for a small company (Three men max) and is able to increase our productivity. I would expect to...
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    Groundsman wanted in Magic Valley ID

    I am looking for a motivated groundsman that is ready to learn to prune, become a good climber and arborist. Requirements: Valid drivers license with a clean record must be in good shape, able to work long hrs, lift heavy and handle the Heat and cold Positive professional attitude You must be...
  10. Philtreeman#1

    Any body short handed

    I am looking for fill in in work through the end of February. I am able to do climbing and ground operations. I live in Twin Falls ID area. I just started my own tree business full time this year so it is a little slow.
  11. Philtreeman#1

    What kind of boring grub is this?

    Cut down a Fraxinus today that was dumping some sizable limbs. We found these borer holes that are in between 3/8" & 1/2" in diameter. The holes run mostly in the xylem. Here is a picture of the grub itself.