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    Metolius Mescalito haul bag

    Used haul bag, slight abrasions from rolling around in trunk bin (see photos) Check out specs: $50 includes shipping, CONUS Cash only Pm me
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    150’ Xstatic (used once)

    150’ of Teufelberger Xstatic Used once $100, shipping included only CONUS Check only Pm me
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    Zigzag/Chicane/Knee ascender/carabiner

    Petzl Zigzag Chicane Knee ascender (loop) OK triact carabiner Used twice Over $600 retail $450, shipping included Check only Pm me See photo, not breaking up
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    Rope Runner

    Slightly used (4-5 times) Rope Runner. See photos Original box and instructions $285 includes shipping CONUS Check only Pm me
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    antiSHOCK chainsaw lanyard and Shizil rope slider

    antiSHOCK chainsaw lanyard w/o hardware and Shizil rope slider. Slightly used. Check photos. $30.00 delivered. Checks only. PM me
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    Prana Stretch Zion Pants (32x32)

    Up for grabs are 3 pair of Prana Stretch Zion pants. 32x32, grey. Check out the link: Used maybe 2 times each. No stains, or rips/tears, and smoke free. $110.00 for all 3. Will not separate...
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    Petzl Alveo Vent

    I have a slightly used Alveo Vent. No scratches, excellent condition. I may have used it for a month. Has the thicker foam on now, but comes with the original band. See pics. Just bought a STRATO and can’t wear two at a time. $65, includes shipping CONUS. Check or money order only. PM me.
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    Silky Tsurugi 270mm

    New handsaw with new extra blade. See photo. $85 includes shipping to CONUS. Check only.
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    Pfanner Protos (used 1 day)

    I am selling an almost new Protos in green/grey. I probably used it for six hours, all of which I had a beanie on so no sweat or direct contact. I have a really small head and the helmet felt way too top-heavy. Original box, paperwork, and stuff sack all included. See photos. $250.00...
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    Best motorized backpack sprayer?

    I’m looking for a quality backpack sprayer for target applications. Soil injections and smaller ornamentals. Nothing huge. I have a JD-9 and soil probe. SOLO?
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    ISA Certified Treeworker: Climber Specialist manual and DVD

    I am selling the book and DVD. I opened the wrapper, looked at a few pages and then set it aside. I put in the DVD and watch the first couple minutes and packaged it back up. $50.00 shipped CONUS. Sorry, no PayPal yet. I’m still working on it. Have to do it the old-fashioned way, check or money...
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    Kask Super Plasma (used)

    I’m selling a used, not abused Kask Super Plasma helmet in black along with the original removable/washable pads, a set of new pads, and a set of slightly used Peltor X4P5 muffs. I purchased the helmet in August and used it probably three times per week sense. It is a used helmet and that has...
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    Odds and Ends

    Here’s what I got: CAMP TURBOCHEST ascender (used 3-4 times) Sterling Stitched Prussic Loop (new) Buckingham 1/2” x 30” tether (used once) 4’ of heavy duty bungee cord (new) DMM Pinto pulley (used, but excellent condition) Arcterx chalk bag (used, great condition) ART Snake Tail (used twice...
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    Akimbo and xSTATIC

    I have a brand new Akimbo and a new hank of 150’ xSTATIC. I still have the box and instruction manual. Everything arrived about week ago and I realize that I can’t deviate from my HH2 and HTP. It’s not that I don’t like the new Akimbo, it’s just I can probably use the money for other things...
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    Tree Climber’s Guide w/ DVD

    New, still in wrappers. $50 includes shipping to CONUS. Check or money order. Pm me.
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    Stihl SR450 and SG20 Sprayers

    Greetings, Im selling a SR450 (used once, cedar oil spray) and a new SG20 sprayers. I am changing my set up and these are no longer needed. Retail for both units is a little over $800. I would like to get $500 for both. Serious inquires only. I live in central Pennsylvania and would prefer...
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    ISC block and sling (used once)

    I have an 5/8” ISC block and a 5/8” x 8’ dead eye sling. Only used once as a mechanical advantage to pull a tree over. Like new condition. $175 delivered CONUS. PayPal only. Pm me. See photos.
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    Need photo

    Greetings, I need your help. I am working on an article for TCI magazine: “The more you know, the less you need” and I need a specific photo, that I don’t have in my library. I am looking for a photo of a climber and their harness that is fully loaded with gear. I would prefer of the shot...
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    Rope wrench, tether, hitch cords, and pinto pulley

    I’m selling all of this as a packaged deal. Everything is new and never used Here’s what I have: Rope wrench 9” Shorty FIX tether 2- 26” 9.3 EpiCORD DMM Pinto pulley $150 delivered. PayPal only.
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    Petzl Macchu kid’s harness

    Maybe used 3-4 times. See photos. $35 includes shipping conus. PayPal only.