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  1. Benjo75

    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    As the title says. This has just happened again. 2nd time this year. Gave the estimate Thursday. Has to be done ASAP due to utilities coming through for mobile home. I'll be there in the morning. Great you got the job. They call back that night and their sons decide they'll do the work...
  2. Benjo75

    Schmidys review anyone?

    Hey all. I'm in the market for another bucket truck. I've been looking at some online and several of them are at Schmidys in Illinois. I know there are a few truck places to stay away from. I haven't heard anything good or bad on this one. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben.
  3. Benjo75

    94 Autocar for sale

    94 Autocar for sale. 100' bucket. Hydraulic system contaminated. I don't have the time or resources to fix. I'm selling as is. The truck is in excellent shape. Would make someone an excellent crane or Tree Mek truck. I'm in Arkansas. $25,000.
  4. Benjo75

    Smaller top handle recommendation needed

    Hey all. I'm looking for some advice on a smaller top handle. I'm currently using the 200T mainly. I also use the 201 tcm quite a bit. I'm looking for a lighter top handle that will be easier on my wrists. 25 years of running these every day is making me look for something lighter for...