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  1. BeesandTrees

    Need a contract climber in Boulder County, Longmont, CO. 1-2 days. Safe crew, good equipment.

    Looking for a contract climber, prefer ISA cert and experienced climber. Lots of prunes, lots of small/med removals, maybe more crane work. Good and safe crew to work with and good equipment to work with. Any interest let's chat! Thank you. Chad, 720.357.1646 or office 303.669.9520.
  2. BeesandTrees

    Akimbo, never used. **SOLD**

    I got my Akimbo finally. Right before that I had a climbing class where they had the Akimbo, Zig Zag and all that. I really liked the Zig Zag and thinking I would sell the Akimbo to get the Zig Zag. Any interest here? $350, shipped in contiguous US. Not 100% I want to sell as I've been waiting...
  3. BeesandTrees

    Misc gear. Most new or hardly used.

    CMI 3/4" rope washer. Maybe used once, don't think I have though. $22. HAAS, used once, haven't used since. $100 Listed before, no action. Did lower price. What don't people like about this? **SOLD** Weaver universal lower strap. New, never used. 2 sets, one pair per set. $20 each, have two...
  4. BeesandTrees

    CMI and Iron Street slings. 22.5", 25.5" and 40". Never used, stored only. **SOLD**

    The blue sling is sold. I have one orange Iron Street, 28.9kn, 22.5" my measurement. One CMI, purple, 28.9kn, 25.5" my measurement. One CMI, yellow, 28.9kn, 40", my measurement. About $12 retail. My price, $10 a piece, $25 for all three. **SOLD** Shipped in contiguous US no charge. Let me know...
  5. BeesandTrees

    Misc Gear for Sale, All New/Unused. **I'D Large still for sale, $175.**

    All gear purchased new by me and in my possession since. None of this has been used, stored only. Nothing wrong with and stored with other climbing gear only in safe and dry area. Most is from WesSpur. I'm asking about 10-15% below retail, shipping included in the contiguous US. Always open to...
  6. BeesandTrees

    SOLD Adjustable Bull Dog Bone, never used. SOLD

    SOLD, Thank you.
  7. BeesandTrees

    SOLD Big Shot, Used a couple times at most. SOLD

    SOLD! Thank you. Let me know if any questions.
  8. BeesandTrees

    Spencer Loggers Tape, New, 50ft.***SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** New, retails $57, sell for $40, obo, shipped if any interest. Thank you. ,
  9. BeesandTrees

    Harness (SOLD), block (SOLD), HAAS for sale.

    Weaver Cougar saddle **SOLD** ISC block **SOLD** HAAS, used once by me. Like new condition. $100 shipped. Reasonable offers entertained if needed. Can send more pics also. .
  10. BeesandTrees

    HAAS Velox, used once.

    HAAS Velox, used one time by me, nothing wrong with unit. Price includes shipping within contiguous US. $150.
  11. BeesandTrees

    ISC Block 1/2", Rope Puller with rope and helmet liners.

    ISC small, 1/2" block. Purchased new by me and in my possession since. Has been an extra and been in my rigging bag. Not used to block down wood. Scratches and what have you from being carried around. Price includes shipping. $150. Massdam Rope puller with 3 strand rope. Another one purchased...
  12. BeesandTrees

    Misc Gear For Sale, New and Unused.

    Rope Logic friction saver, DMM rings, purchased new by me, never used. $64 shipped. 3' length. **Sold*** CMI foot ascender, rt foot, new, never used. $47 shipped. **NOT SOLD** 10mm Oceans and 9mm Sterling hitch cord, never used. From WesSpur, Iron Street spliced. Ocean, $18.75, RIT, $16...
  13. BeesandTrees

    Climber, Foreman needed.

    Looking to get another day filled for a contract climber if any interest. Need a climber/foreman deal also, full time if any interest. Don't mind paying top end day rate if appropriate. Anyone interested in full time position we can talk pay, bonus schedule or what have you. Need someone to run...
  14. BeesandTrees

    Bandit chipper repair in Boulder County CO.

    Anyone have a place they have had good experience with on Bandit repair other than Global Machinery in Denver? Been having issues with the chipper in general since we got it new. Last time I took it in for work, I ended up being charged a couple grand to try and fix a chipping problem which we...
  15. BeesandTrees

    Tuefelberger Friction Saver, New, Never Used**SOLD**

    Purchased new by me and in my possession since. Never used, too long for me. Let me know if any questions or need more pics. $80 to your door. PayPal, friends and family please. Thank you.
  16. BeesandTrees

    New Rope Runner, never used with extra slic pin. **SOLD**

    Purchased new by me, never used. Extra slic pin. Asking $295 shipping included. Contiguous US only please, PayPal only please. Let me know if any questions. Thanks, Chad
  17. BeesandTrees

    394 bar set up.

    Seeing both sizes recommended. Want to put a 42" bar on a 394 for the occasional big cuts we need to make. I see both 36" and 42" as listed for appropriate bars. What are you guys using and is the 42 too big? Would use full skip chain, totally stock saw. 36" would be ok if it will cut better and...
  18. BeesandTrees

    Husky 540 xp. New chains, just serviced, back up saw, not much use.

    I have a Husky 540 xp, 2015 saw purchased new by me about mid 2016. Has been our back up saw but with 4 other Stihls this hasn't gotten much use. Just tuned and serviced, haven't used in work since then. One brand new chain and one chain with an hour used on it and one sharpening on it. Not ran...
  19. BeesandTrees

    ArborGold or Jobber?

    Talking to both companies today to get more details and a run through on the program. Anyone else using one of these and have opinions on either? I need to get more digital with estimates, online acceptance and tracking for work to be done in the future. Winter pruning, PHC and the like. I'm...
  20. BeesandTrees

    Misc Gear, some new, all safe and good shape.

    Petzl Swivel, never used. $60 SOLD ISC fixed plate pulley, used on wrench set up for a bit, $15 SOLD Ascent Tree, Older version, barely used. $95 SOLD Right Hand Ascender, used, mainly for pull on MA set up. $50 SOLD CMI Stainless Pulley with Becket, never used, had set up for rig set up but...