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  1. PUClimber

    cat rescue needed near Chicago

    I got a call from Dan's cat in a tree site and I'm 4-5 hours away. If anyone in the area is willing to help please pm me for contact details.
  2. PUClimber

    Fatality/struck by

    I don't know all the details. But a county worker near Dayton Ohio was struck with limbs from an ash tree when it twisted and went the wrong way. I will post the link to the news story a little later. Be safe out there!!!!
  3. PUClimber

    Rayco rg1625

    I was wondering if it is possible to take an older rayco rg1625 and replace that unstable single wheel with that of the new models having the dual steer wheels. If so does anyone know if this is a kit or add on available through rayco or if this would be a project. Any information or thoughts...
  4. PUClimber

    Chainsaw in the running man

    So I just so happened to just get done watching The Running Man movie with Arnold. What a classic and one of the stalkers buzz saw is clearly one handing a chainsaw while driving a dirtbike. Through all the shots though I was trying to figure out what make and perhaps model saw it was. It's...
  5. PUClimber

    Damaged tree advice.... litigation

    I got a call from a local man who's neighbors tree fell on his car in the recent high winds and his neighbors insurance refuses to pay for the damage to the car. He wants a damage report on the condition of the tree prior to the failure. I have not seen the tree at this point. I will be...
  6. PUClimber

    Job feelers *DELETED*

    Post deleted by PUClimber
  7. PUClimber

    Let the smack talk begin

    I just saw the news on ESPN that the NJ devils are in the stanley cup finals once again so I figured Mark would be on here talking smack to all other hockey fans. If they can pull off the win then Mark will be a very happy man. So let all the haters talk it up against them and let Mark pull...
  8. PUClimber


    I know this was used from another thread but I was wondering if anyone up north has had success with this product and roughly what the cost per inch you're looking at is. I know treeage is the "silver bullet" but I was wondering what other options there are and came across this one. Any...
  9. PUClimber

    Ohio TCC

    I would just like to give an update. Just got home from an amazing competition filled with damp slick trees and awesome climbs. The overall winner is Jacob Sauer out of Columbus. He's a first time competitor and had an amazing masters climb. He really climbed from the heart and did it his...
  10. PUClimber

    Chainsaw file... 7/32 or 13/64?

    I was just wondering what you guys prefer on file size or what's right or what's wrong. We're talking standard run of the mill chain. 3/8 .50 chain. Full chisel that is pretty much standard on most ground saws. Which size do you use and why?
  11. PUClimber

    Tree beer tonight

    Well tonight is like my Friday night as I don't have to work tomorrow so I hit the liquor store looking for something new to try and came away with crooked tree IPA out of Michigan and a Maple ale. Pretty excited. I mean what a tree hugging hippie has got to lean towards the finer things in...
  12. PUClimber

    Tree flex

    I am pretty sure I remember seeing this climbing harness not allowed at a TCC in the past. I was wondering what the thoughts were and whether or not this harness is suitable for competitions as far as ratings. I know Tom loves his but was wondering on what others thoughts were. Is it one of...
  13. PUClimber

    Wilderness first aid

    I know that not every situation is perfect and sometimes we don't exactly have what we need to perform proper first aid so improvision is key. Also not every situation places us near or in close proximity to emergency personel. I know it's been discussed by a few people out there and was...
  14. PUClimber

    Rayco RG25 HD

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with this machine or has one. There is one for sale locally and I do some work on the side and I had been renting one after I get a bunch of stumps but I was looking at if I could set this one in right having it pretty handy and make some money off of...
  15. PUClimber

    Merry Christmas to all you out there

    I know this is early and it's like hey looks it's that guy but I am back and I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. It's the time of year to spend with family and friends and I consider a large number or you guys friends or family. I have a great deal of respect for a lot of...
  16. PUClimber

    good bye fellow buzzers

    I just want to say to those of you that I have met, it's been a pleasure. I have met a lot of really cool people here and gained a lot of friendships. I have learned a lot from here, after sifting through a lot of B.S. I think at this time everyone wants to get in a peeing contest with...
  17. PUClimber


    Well I know there is a rant and rave section for a reason but I didn't think this needed to go into the open forum. As I sit here typing I am waiting on the stupid fedex man to bring some gear and goodies to me so I can be on my way up north for the comp. This is why I like UPS. The UPS guys...
  18. PUClimber

    Another Bridge failure

    I am surprised that no one has posted this but there has been another bridge failure on the cougar saddles. The bridge was the "safe" replacement that went into effect after the recall through anchor bridge ropeworks. Anchor bridge had no effect on this failure as it was not one of their...
  19. PUClimber

    Underwear cleaner

    I was a little hesitant to post this but well this is the awakenings section and well here it is. Yesterday I was up in one of our aerial lifts when something went wrong and the upper boom came crashing down pretty quickly. Luckily I wasn't very high up and all it landed on was the chip box on...
  20. PUClimber

    Asplundh worker injured in fall

    Ironically the new lady friend's ex is the guy. He was working near Dayton, Ohio and wasn't tied in twice while making his cut with the chainsaw and fell. They took him to the hospital but no major injuries. He is okay but bruised and battered a bit.