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    Reg Coates?

    So you’re saying someone has no balls because they didn’t throw the “the most dangerous throw weight” and they don’t call it like they see it? Or am I missing something?
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    Do you use a chain cover or protector on your climbing saw when you are in the canopy?

    Interesting. I agree with tired of the saw getting caught in my lanyard rarely but my climbing line well that’s a whole different issue. I mentally can’t climb a tree with it covered but I do ascend prunes with it on for when I pull my saw up it doesn’t get caught on my rope. For me it seems...
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    Clogger zero's care

    I wash mine on a heavy duty cycle warm water and hang I’m my basement. They’re usually dry by morning but if I forget to hang them I tumble dry. Been doing it for a couple years but like said before haven’t cut in to them to see efficacy
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    Best power pole saw for professional use?

    Not sure if this works with other brands but I like the Stihl because we occasionally do some hedge work and I take off the saw head and put in the hedge trimmers on. and have the extended reach to my advantage. Yes it gets awkward but when you can reach that far from the ground it’s a win in...
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    Smaller top handle recommendation needed

    Haven’t tried the echo but I beat the snot out of the ms150 and it starts every time for more. I agree with it being a pain to sharpen the chain but I absolutely Love having this saw in my arsenal. I use it every chance I get. I have carpal tunnel in both hands one fairly bad and it doesn’t...
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    Close call

    We use round eye an eye slings and choke it on both sides for an even lift. Hasn't failed us yet. I have used a similar set up as the bridle and wasn't to confident on how it cinched up. I only used it in that configuration to shorten up the slings so they weren't so long because we didn't...
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    Mays Landing fun climb

    Next time I'll bug Rick to put it on here. The more the merrier.
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    Mays Landing fun climb

    Great day just all around fun. X2 on a big thnx to all involved! Everyone who chipped in and made it happen is ok I guess in my book. Just kidding. Fun day and the weather held out. Nice to meet you Frank. Hopefully we can get a rec climb in sometime. It's nice to see people networking and...
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    Nasty Pine

    All in all it worked out. Not that that's how you should view your everyday scenarios. Just glad everyone went home in one piece and still breathing on their own. My opinion is your boss is a jack wagon. Dumb luck eventually runs out. Whether it's 2 weeks or fifteen years later it catches up...
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    Nasty Pine

    I agree with everything said if you can't let it fly then rig it. Just my thought but like said I wasn't there. I think If you try to take into account how wide your rigging angle would end up when the trunk lays on the ground you can tie the rope a little further down the trunk before it gets...
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Enjoy the time with family work is always around the corner but good times with the FAM leave everlasting memories that can't be replaced! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Can't wait to see if I can get my hands on a runner soon.;)...
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    Had the same issue. You just have to find that sweet spot in the buckle. Firm around the waist. It's there you just have to fiddle with it.
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    Stolen Gear Alert!!!

    I'm not a big fan of people taking what is not theirs. But I do believe in karma and I hope karma puts herelf to good use and I would have no pity for the one who receives it.
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    Stolen Gear Alert!!!

    :boxeador:Absolute scum bags!!! Wish I knew who.
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    Favorite methods for through-cable hole alignment

    I usually tie a rope directly above where I'm cabling from one side to another and just follow the the path.
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    Tm is my second saddle though I've spent sometime in others my tm is a perfect fit for my climbing style. The first month I had it I almost gave it away because I was so disgusted with trying to get it adjusted. I couldn't get it to stop pinching my nuggets.o_O Went back to my Buckingham...
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    Nice, it appears that your worth the investment good for you. Not too many employers award their workers enough. Don't mean so much a saddle but even the occasional not bad or good job can go a long way. Fly that thing like it has wings. Is it your first tm?
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    How do they expect the homeowner to give them a check when they left some green on those sticks. It's a shame it could have been a home run. Hope they put that great service on their website or advertisement. Douchs
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    For me its a c9 thermal shirt,T-shirt,long sleeve, and long johns. Then I just climb faster to stay warm. Below 25ish I may put on a sweatshirt and when its time to cable I put on an insulated sweatshirt and get done asap. I forgot to mention I wear chainsaw pants all winter also that helps. I...
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    Gerasimek's Tree-mek

    It's Rick.