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  1. Estebandito

    Forestry Crew Leader and Forestry Supervisor with City of Norfolk Virginia DM me or email me at if you have any questions
  2. Estebandito

    Forestry Supervisor & Certified Arborist Norfolk VA

    Looking for a well rounded arborist to join our team
  3. Estebandito

    Municipal Field Arborists Needed Coastal Virginia

    Jobs with City of Norfolk, Virginia's Recreation, Parks and Open Space Urban Forestry Group Forestry Crew Leader- see below & Tree Trimmer II...
  4. Estebandito

    Old Red Wing Poster No Job Too Big

    I have too find out more about this poster. I spoke with the current CEO of Red Wing while visiting their flagship store in MN and he referred me to the curator for the company. She informed me that RW could not reprint it because of copyright issues. I did find out that the...
  5. Estebandito

    Wind Throw on a News Team
  6. Estebandito

    Rescue Randy ?

    Which of the Rescue Randy's listed in this link are being used for TCC events? I thought the 165 lb. Rescue Randy Combat Challenge model might be good but I am not familiar with the model differences . Any information or...
  7. Estebandito

    Rescue Dummy Recomendation Is this the rescue dummy that ISA uses in there TCC events?
  8. Estebandito

    Elm Hybrid Guide or Key

    Does anyone know of a good compilation or key for ID of hybrid Elm trees? I get a little lost between "Frontier","Liberty", "Princeton" and countless other ones . Any direction or known compilation would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Estebandito

    LaceBark Elm plantings

    New development going in here in Denver...looking for feedback about LaceBark elm success in crusher fine area type plantings. There is a limited amount of this species here and was curious if anyone in the country has any experience with this tree. The one local street tree or ROW planting...
  10. Estebandito

    Chainsaw pants choices and/or preferences

    We are looking to order some chainsaw pants for our guys. Anybody out there have any likes or dislikes as far as Stihl vs. Husqvarna vs. S.I.P or any other brands. Thanks, Steve
  11. Estebandito

    GRCS Optimal Rope Size?

    Title pretty much has the question. This question pertains more to the winch or capstan(?, right word?) insert. Thanks for the feedback! Steve
  12. Estebandito

    City of Denver Tree Trimmer

    We are looking for good people in the City of Denver. See attached link.
  13. Estebandito

    Safari use vs. Scales

    I am curious to see if anybody out there is using Safari vs Euro Elm Scale on American elms or against Kermes Scale on Northern Red Oak. Those are our 2 bad scale problems here in Denver. I would love to get some feedback on rates, and success from different parts of the country. Thanks...
  14. Estebandito

    Cat rescue gone bad

    not much info, but I know that a few guys do this around the country. Alaska Man Who Fell From Tree to Rescue Cat Dies Tuesday, August 11, 2009 Print ShareThisFAIRBANKS, Alaska — A 73-year-old man who fell from a tree after rescuing a cat last month has died after his family had his...
  15. Estebandito

    Heavy duty hikers(boots) for Sale

    I have a pair of heavy duty hiking/trekking crampon compatible La Sportiva Makalus boots for sale. They are about a U.S. size 11 to 11 1/2. Reply or call 804 938-2581 if interested. Climb safe and strong, Steve
  16. Estebandito

    Ear muffs for Pacific Helmet

    I have a brimmed Pacific helmet that I bought at TCI 03' in Baltimore that came with the factory installed brackets. When I bought it the guy from Fresco told me they sold Jonesred muffs that they shaved down to fit the bracket. I usually use headband ear protection, but would like to have...
  17. Estebandito

    CO Info

    I'd like to hear from any of those CO folk out there about tree work in and around Boulder. Thanks
  18. Estebandito

    Mid-Atlantic Results

    I am about 90% sure that Robert "Bob" Gallant won the MAC-ISA jamboree climbing competition with a solid regular round win and a convincing master's challenge win. He once again showed himself a skilled climber and a consumate professional. Congradulations to Bob and everyone else who...
  19. Estebandito

    ISA Cert Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist

    I am curious to know if anyone out in tree buzz land has this certification. Do you feel it is useful? Was it a good test of overall skill and knowledge? When and where does ISA test for it? There are no dates or places listed on their web page. I think I read once that there are...
  20. Estebandito


    Anybody out there use the Geckos. I thought they looked like a good pair of spikes. I also heard there is a recall on them. Is that true. Any experience or knowledge of the product would be appreciated.