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    Gear for sale

    Only separating a few items which are listed below. Everything is new or lightly used and in good working condition except for the Treemotion. I pay shipping. Also not bartering I’ll just keep it if it doesn’t sell. Silynx Clarus Pro $150 This is a neat device. I used Silynx in the army and...
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    For sale: 2007 Isuzu NRR Switch N Go $33,000

    This truck was built in 2014 with a new body, hoist, and toolbox. Before that it was a box truck. I purchased it in 2018. Has an Isuzu 5.2 liter diesel and an Aisin transmission. Has 182K miles. Newer steer tires, rears are still in pretty good shape. Chip box is 12’ (about 18 yards of...
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    Stolen climbing gear

    This is a long shot but figured it was worth a try. Had my gear bag stolen from my truck. Contents include a monkey beaver belt, gecko spurs, purple wrench, reon rounds tether, zig zag, and a lot of other miscellaneous gear. Just in case anyone spots it on eBay or craigslist please let me know...
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    Lot of climbing/ rigging gear

    Everything here is lightly or never used. Most of it has been sitting in rigging or climbing bags for a few months to a year. I’ll pay shipping for anything over $20. Willing to separate but whole lot totals $1115, $950 if you buy the whole lot together. 3- rock exotica Rocko carabiners $15...
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    Bandit 200xp Price Lowered $18900

    For sale is a 2003 Bandit 200xp with a 3.0 GM gas engine with 828 hours on it. The chipper was rebuilt by Landmark Machinery in 2016. The engine they put in it was brand new. They also added the winch. I purchased it last year and it’s been a great chipper. The only reason I’m selling it is...
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    WTB 15” drum chipper and looking to sell 200xp

    Looking to upgrade to a slightly bigger chipper. Demoing a 15xp and a BC1500 in the coming weeks to get it narrowed down but I’m open to used if anyone knows of one or is looking to sell. At least 140hp with less than 2000 hours. Thanks for any help or advice. I will also be selling a clean...
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    Bucket truck chip box to flatbed conversion

    I'm considering converting my 1992 International bucket truck with a dump box to a flatbed. I never use it for chips and have to tow an extra flatbed trailer to jobs just to haul the mini skid. The added space for the mini, mats, tools, gear, BMG scoops and broom, etc would fit my operation. Has...
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    ISO Chip truck with Kboom/log loader

    Looking for a used mid sized truck that is capable of carrying chips or logs. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Newbie stumpgrinder issue

    Can anyone tell me why the teeth on the straight pockets are destroyed and why the reverse and angles are almost untouched? Just purchased a bandit 2550 with a revolution wheel. Came with 700 green teeth but machine calls for 900. Could that be a problem? Were they put on in the wrong order? I...
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    Bandit 2550 issue

    I'm having trouble with the swing speed of my stump grinder. It travels quite a bit faster swinging one way compared to the other. I'm at a troubleshooting standstill. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Powerscender for Klein spurs

    Had this on my spurs for a year but only used it a couple times. Since then went to Geckos and it sits in the shop. Works great just has a couple scratches. $70 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk