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  1. Magnum783

    Tying into a lower block

    I know this is a repeat question but multiple search functions failed me. How are you guys tying into the lower block which a crane is running multiple part lines. I have multiple ideas just wanting to know what you guys have done over your many years of experience. Thanks Jared
  2. Magnum783

    Drury Hotels Reservation -- EXPO 17

    I have a reservation for Drury Hotels I am about to cancel due to the fact I am rooming with @deevo before I cancel this thing I would happily wait and time it so someone to could utilize it. It is a two queen room with the buffet and the whole ordeal. Just drop me a line and I will do what I...
  3. Magnum783

    What does my tree need

    I am quite good with climbing but lack a huge bit of knowledge with PHC. Now I need help with my crimson maple I planted at my own house. Pictures to follow. There are some super small mushrooms growing around in the mulch as well. It has been a super wet spring and this tree was planted...
  4. Magnum783

    Nearly new Zubat 330

    Bought it on a whim like my Sugoi better. I have cut 3 limbs with it just not my pref. I dinged up scabbard a bit messing with it. $65 shipped.
  5. Magnum783

    MCRS adjustment help

    I just purchased a MCRS and I need a bit of adjustment help. I want the leg pads to stay lower and not try to remove my testicals. I really really like the back pad and the leg pads are nice just keep working their way to my crotch.
  6. Magnum783


    The winch is the official stein winch the bollard is made to exactly their specs by me. The only thing that may be different is I used a piece of sch40 pipe and all 3/16' steel and the side and back were both bend to match one another. Also the pipe is welded to back as well as the front. Hope...
  7. Magnum783

    Which end

    Which end does the rubber piece go on?
  8. Magnum783


    I hope the very asking of this does not offend anyone as I am not trying to be cheap or steal from anyone. I am looking for a logo for my part time contract climb operation. Does anyone have a logo they own for their tree service that incorporates climbing or rigging or something of that...
  9. Magnum783

    Wind - When is it too much

    I miss posted this up in general discussion if someone could delete it that would be great. Sorry for bombarding you guys lately with a ton of questions. The education is just available nowhere else in the world really. So how much wind is too much. I am not looking for mile an hour rating...
  10. Magnum783

    Wind - When is it too much

    Mods please delete me I am in the wrong spot!!! Sorry for bombarding you guys lately with a ton of questions. The education is just available nowhere else in the world really. So how much wind is too much. I am not looking for mile an hour rating so much as something like when the tops are...
  11. Magnum783

    Rope Runner vs Rope Wrench for spar work

    Been working on a huge spruce removal project. Work my way up Drt hooking a limb over me then removing what I call a round of limbs then repeat until I get to where I can blow the top. All the way along I have carried my hitch hiker ready to roll. When I get to where I can blow the top I set my...
  12. Magnum783

    Pine branch isolation

    How are you guys isolating branch as for pine/spruce/fir removals. Let me define, how do you get your climb line of just one limb or branch in these trees. I know this is a bit of a rookie question but one I have a struggled with for years. I don't want to just spike up and get to work even...
  13. Magnum783

    Attach point

    So I have changed my attachment points on my saddle. I used to use some licking shackles off of a butterfly and had them in the outside loop. Moved these new petzel rings outside of that on the same piece of webbing to get a wider bridge and more movement hopefully. What do you guys think? Is...
  14. Magnum783

    Crane Friction Saver

    I have no idea what you guys use for frictions savers when ridding ABOVE the ball. I used to use an old bickingham steel ring 3' long friction saver. While it worked ok it did not work great. It tended to hang up just a bit on the spliced eye in my arbormaster rope further more it out my rope...
  15. Magnum783

    ISA study material

    Does anyone have any study material they would be willing to LOAN me to study for my exam. I would be willing to put a deposit down to do so. I also would be willing to purchase said material if someone would just prefer to part with said material. Thanks
  16. Magnum783

    How to tell when it's too dead

    The title says it all what goes into your assessment of a dead tree that needs climbing. Type of tree, Bark condition, root base condition, ...... The list goes on what is your list of factors you care about? What is your rigging stand point on said trees.
  17. Magnum783

    Crane co in nothern co or southern Wyoming

    I am looking for a crane company that is familiar with doing tree work in the above locations. I have a great company I like working with in Denver but there is just that they are there I am here and the drive time would cut into the profits pretty good. I am not opposed as they are great just...
  18. Magnum783

    Splicers in the Ft Collins CO area

    I am looking to have a rope spliced up and live in cheyenne wy which is very close to ft collins is there anyone in the local are of either that splice and likes a little extra bit of money in their pocket. Thanks for your help guys.
  19. Magnum783

    16 strand rope preff

    I am well aware 16 strand line is on the way out with the gaining popularity of SRT and I enjoy using just standard natural crotch Dbrt from time to time on removals. It's easy it's quick nothing more than that. I have been using Arbormaster BRW for many years with great faithfulness and I...
  20. Magnum783

    WTB 5/8" - 3/4" rig rope

    If someone just so happens to have a hank of 3/4" bull rope I would be I interested in purchasing it as long as it's not completely abused. I would prefer stable braid or polydine.