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  1. Toomuchsawdust

    Massive Omni Block on the Horizon

    So sexy. Don't know any of the specs, but I'm sure it'll be good. Just like every thing else they make.
  2. Toomuchsawdust

    SRT Canopy Anchor Tutorial

    Check it out, tell me what you think. It's not an exhaustive list, but it covers my favorites. I'll make a second video sooner or later.
  3. Toomuchsawdust

    Help with the chipper! Who are the Perkins gurus?

    Perkins 4.236 with 6 bolt balancer assembly. I had to replace some bearings in the oil pump balancer assembly. Couldn't find the service manual to save my life. I need help on the timing.
  4. Toomuchsawdust

    Just finished this treehouse

    Completely non invasive. Not even concrete. I know where I'm sleeping when it gets cooler.
  5. Toomuchsawdust

    Liability vs the right thing to do

    So.... I had this 50' cherry partially uproot and threaten to horribly scratch the siding on a 2 story home and take down 3 or 4 pesky communications lines and 2 service drops going to houses. In the middle of a vicious V. It was almost dark and I knew we wouldn't be able to remove it that day...
  6. Toomuchsawdust

    Nashville TCC at Seville

    Anyone know how or where to sign up? I swear people don't want to give up their prized info about these damn comps.
  7. Toomuchsawdust

    New (I think) Retrievable Redirect

    Trucks tensioner pulley just straight up fell off. Luckily I have my gear with me and I'm thinking of redirects.
  8. Toomuchsawdust

    Tried DSRT yesterday. I'm a fan.

    Pruned a big Pecan with no central tie in but lots of deadwood in the middle. Having positioning from both sides was amazing. Anyone have any suggestions about ascending with two systems spread apart like that? That was the only thing I struggled with.
  9. Toomuchsawdust

    Tell me something stupid you did!

    Something stupid you did while climbing that's funny when you look back on it. NO JUDGEMENT! One time I slipped on a limb walk I had too steep of a rope angle on and caught deadwood right in the cornhole on the swing back. To ad injury to injury my saw slapped me in the back of the head like...
  10. Toomuchsawdust

    New to the buzz

    I'm Brendon Phillips. Stephen Connally turned me onto da Buzz yesterday when we climbed together. I like climbing, SRT, candle light dinners and long walks on the beach. Someday I'd like to visit Europe so I can wear speedos without judgement.