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    Aluminum Climb Right's

    I have a set of aluminum Climb Right with sharp tree gaffs. New Climb Right pads and straps installed this spring. Nothing wrong with them but I found a set of buck titanium that I like better. $200.00 shipped. If you want pic's text 217 259-9770. Payment by USPS M.O. or paypal (send as gift or...
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    Hydration Paks

    With the temp's on the rise I wonder how many of ya use a hydration pak in the tree? I know the last few days a few bottles of water sent up just ain't enough, end up slamming 3-4 when I get to the ground and still pissing yellow. Seems like they are cheap enuff and I am sure you can partial...
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    Skid steer choice

    Looking at next purchase and open to opinions. Going to either be a stand up skidder with a grapple or a full size with grapple bucket. I'm thinking that I'm going to be limited on capacity with the stand up but a lot more places I could get to compared to a full size. If ya have to pick only...
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    3/8" rope for sale

    I have 282' of this 3/8" rope for sale. I believe it to be in new unused condition. I removed it from a Sala RL 500 and according to what information I can gather it is Kernmantle. One end has swedged snap other is taped. Price is $175.00 shipped FIRM
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    ART Positioner

    Checked every page I can find that sells them but I cannot find in the description if it comes with the "S" clutch for steel core lines? Can't find the "S" clutch listed for sale anywhere either? Just ordered one from Sherrill the swivel is on sale for $139.95 FWIW Thanks Nailer
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    Saw technique???

    In no way do I pretend to be a professional tree feller but I have stayed at a holiday inn. What is the deal with the european method of felling trees? I cannot get my head around all of the vertical cut's they make before cutting the notch. I'm almost 58 and have never seen the need but I'm...
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    Clogger zero's care

    I would have a hard time believing that everyone is "handwashing" these pants. Anyone want to share what they are doing?
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    Anyone have any experience with this jacket? Wondering how waterproof they are? How do they hold up?
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    Arborist Block Ratings

    Pardon my being very green but I do not understand the MBS to WLL on some of these. CMI Compact 3/4 MBS, 51,000 WLL 5,100 DMM 200KN 5/8 MBS, 44,960 WLL 8,992 CMI 178KN 3/4 MBS, 40,000 WLL 6,000 Why does the CMI that has the highest MBS have the lowest WLL? The sheave...
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    Fuel and oil sale

    Hope this is ok. Just a FWIW. I was in the local Rural King today, HK bar oil $4.99 a gallon. Also saw Lucas, SEF, and some other brand of 40:1 / 50:1 premix on sale. Also Stihl 2 cycle oil on sale.
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    Aerial rescue class

    I'm in central Illinois and it appears I need to take a "Aerial rescue class" before I attempt the ISA "CTWCS" exam. I have no clue where to look for a provider? Any quick Ideas? Thanks for any help.
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    SRS to MRS in the tree

    I'm a novice asking a question. Why use SRS to ascend to the top then change over to MRS(did you notice I used the new acronyms, cause I want to be PC) once you start to take the tree down? Just trying to understand.
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    Rope ID help

    Yes I threw the dice and bought the infamous bag o' rope. out of 4 types I have identified 2 and I could use some help. The white rope with black spots is next to a pc of Sterling Scion 11.5, the white rope about the same diameter as a pc of Notch 1/2" Kraken that I got but not near as stiff...
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    Homemade APTA

    I wish I had made a video so ya'll could get a laugh. I built a homemade unit and fired it the first time today and got quite a shock. Loaded with a 16oz weaver bag (a 15oz Forrester bag will NOT fit in a 1.5" tube) and 150lb's pressure. At a 60deg angle it shot about 400' (no throw line...
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    What is the deal with climbing pants length? Are all of you guys short? I see 31", 32", or 34". I wear a 36 or 38 in jeans and really don't want sawdust in my boots.LOL
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    Looking for Monkey Beaver Med Saddle

    I know chances are slim but just in case someone wants to part with one in VERY GOOD condition.
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    Helmet comm's

    Just wondering if anyone has tried or has experience with these...