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    Quick pruning question

    I could probably prune the 3 inch branch with a pole saw, but there's a large diameter (6-inch) piece of a broken limb (4 ft long) that's up about 20 feet off the ground, that hangs right over where people like to sit. Gotta climb for that one.
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    Quick pruning question

    I need to help out a relative. He's got a white birch tree that's got a limb hanging over stuff that needs more sunlight. I've never worked on a white birch, so I'm looking for advice. The limb is about a 3 inch branch coming from a 10 inch diameter stem. It's in central Wisconsin. Any issues...
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    I'm not very good at tree ID and need help.

    Would bolting the two remaining stems together be of benefit to the tree? Help prevent (delay) the next split? Or would that be a waste of time?
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    I'm not very good at tree ID and need help.

    The break is not very far off the ground (reported at 7 or 8 ft) so my plan is to access by ladder then lanyard into whatever stem(s) seem appropriate. Looks like it may be easiest to clean up the break with a chainsaw rather than handsaw. Agree? Maples have tender bark so I will tread lightly...
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    I'm not very good at tree ID and need help.

    A friend wants some help with this tree and I want to know what I'm dealing with before I get there. All I have to go on are these photos.
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    Show off them splices

    Been there done that way too many times. My summer gig is teaching sailing (high school math during the school year). No fun teaching sailing with no wind.
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    Buckthorn - Is it a problem in your area...

    Wow! How soon can I get some? There's a huge market here in Wisconsin.
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    Brotherhood Tree old growth redwood climb

    In addition to saying the photos and video are amazing, I've got some questions. It looks like the climbers are all climbing SRT, but I see only one base anchor. Are the other ropes canopy anchored? I haven't been to old growth redwoods since I've started looking at trees as something to care...
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    Comment on my plan

    I often do a break cut when limbing a trunk after felling the tree. I learned from experience to cut very precisely, and exactly as you described to avoid the pitfalls you describe. Cutting with precision means paying attention to details. I worked with my neighbor recently to fell and cut up...
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    Comment on my plan

    Lots of good comments and suggestions. Thanks for the input. Span rigging and cutting from the ground sounds interesting, for this and some of the other similar situations I'll have to deal with. I think I understand what you're referring to, but I'll look it up to be sure. The dead ash for...
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    Comment on my plan

    Thanks for the replies. I would certainly prefer to tie into a healthy tree, but in my woods there often aren't any choices. As long as the tree has not been dead for over a year and looks solid, I'll use it. Some look pretty crispy and I wouldn't even think about using them for support (except...
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    Comment on my plan

    All five trees are in line, and the approx distances are roughly to scale. The angles show are going to be pretty close.
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    Comment on my plan

    Yuup. PSP is a dead ash, but a big one that hasn't been dead very long. What's the advantage to shifting the red base tie? My only other choices for a PSP are smaller dead ash trees.
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    Comment on my plan

    I have several situations like the one shown in the sketch. For this one I could just drop the fence and drop the mostly dead boxelder from the ground, but I want to climb it and make the planned cut mostly for practice for some of the other similar situations where I'm trying to protect...
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    Poison Ivy 11.7

    I now have about 6 or 8 hitch cords, all different brands/types. I don't know the names of most of them, but find that my preferred cord changes with the weather. My preferred hitch also changes a lot. Michoacan is a frequent choice, and the Innovation hitch for my HHX is a current favorite. I...
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    Splicing double braid

    When I've had the same issue (I'm new to splicing, so others may not agree) I've had some luck by not pushing the fid the entire distance all at once. I'll push until it starts to get tight, then push it out of the cover and pull the core out. Then I'll push it back in the same spot it came out...
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    Ups and Downs...

    Great vid, and another thumbs up for the sound track. It looked like you use your right hand on the throttle of your top handle saw, but it looked like you were using your left hand on the throttle of your rear handle saw. Is that right? Is that your general preference, or just best for those...
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    Photos - climbing/spiking technique on mid-high angle stems

    Duh! Sometimes the obvious isn't. I had the same situation yesterday and really struggled with it. An 18" DBH box elder. I got the job done, but was exhausted afterwards. There was a decent opposing stem. I could easily have tossed a line up on that stem, higher up, and used it to help keep me...
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    White pines aren't white (or green)

    I have two white pines in my yard that have looked unhealthy since we bought the property 7 years ago. They're still there. The needles never get a normal-looking green color. They are always more yellowish than the other white pines we have. The ground around them has a very high water table...
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    Why did this fail..?

    OK. Here's a question for you (and the group). When climbing and sounding the trunk, are there more likely areas to check? Specific spots to tap? (near stubs? Near the base?)