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    Quik-jet Air, FSeries Tree IV, or BioForest EcoJect??

    That could be a good option. Do you have any first hand experience with how affective is it when soil injected? I do a lot of work in shore land zone where spray and soil injection are against code, so I would still need other options. But, it could still be a good item in the quiver.
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    Quik-jet Air, FSeries Tree IV, or BioForest EcoJect??

    Anyone have any experience with the higher pressure FSeries Tree IV? Looks like I'd likely be injecting Ace-Jet for brown tail infestation. The dosage range for the average size trees I'd be treating runs about 50 - 100 mLs for injection, and 75 - 200 mLs for infusion (IV). I'm just wondering if...
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    Quik-jet Air, FSeries Tree IV, or BioForest EcoJect??

    How would you say successful uptake is with the quick-jet air versus other systems, especially when conditions are drier, colder or hotter than ideal? I'm just thinking of needing to cram projects into the short season that we have here in Maine for brown tail injection. Thanks
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    Quik-jet Air, FSeries Tree IV, or BioForest EcoJect??

    I'm planning on investing in a trunk injection system, primarily to treat red oaks here in Maine for brown tail. In the past I have used Mauget and Tree Tech single use capsule injectors with varying results with uptake. I am totally willing to spend the money on a more efficient system, as it...
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    WTB ART Positioner

    Looking for any ART Positioners out there that might be collecting dust in your closet. Thanks
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    SOLD: DC Compressor air supply & 4-valve control system

    Here are some photos of the whole air supply kit.
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    SOLD: DC Compressor air supply & 4-valve control system

    The manufacturer is Airbagit. Here is the link to the page on their site that shows the new version of this air supply system. This is an older analog version - otherwise very similar.
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    Klein Tools 63530 Heavy-Duty 30" Bolt Cutters - Like New - $120

    Treestuff says: "These heavy duty Klein Bolt Cutters are a high quality, made in the USA product with all-purpose, center-cut jaws for soft, medium, and hard metals. Handles have heavy vinyl grips with flat grip ends for 90° cuts. Forged, alloy tool steel jaws are precision ground for sure...
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    SOLD: DC Compressor air supply & 4-valve control system

    12V DC powered onboard air compressor, tank, filter/water trap, four valves, and valve controller (dash mounted, w/ psi readout dials), is a "plug and play" complete kit with all hoses, hardware, and complete instructions needed for installation. This kit is designed to control/adjust airbag...
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    SOLD: Tree Tech Merit Imidacloprid Micro Injectors - case of 100 for $200

    I am selling a full case of 100 Tree Tech Merit 6ml Micro Injectors that contain a 17% concentration of imidacloprid. Effective against ALB, EAB, and many other common tree pests. These micro injectors are an easy to administer, and economical option for companies that are not ready to tackle...
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    Rig N' Wrench

    I have the same Rig Saver Prusik set up and have been using it girthed onto smaller anchor limbs (the prusik is quite long to make all the wraps on the 5/8" sling). For larger anchor limbs I attached it (prusik knot) to a short 1/2" eye sling as an adjustable anchor sling for the R&W (R&W passes...
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    Saka vs Velox?

    Thanks, Richard, for the great video. I always appreciate your thorough design approach. Your comparison of the Roll'n'Lock and the Duck was also very helpful, while I was putting together my current system. I know this is an evolutionary step backward in rope ascent for you, but I'm curious...
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    Saka vs Velox?

    Not to go off on a tangent, but I just thought I'd share an over the shoulder system that I've been messing around with at work, thanks to the suggestions of Reed, Derrick, the venerable Mr. Beranek, etc, etc. This is obviously nothing super original. I'm just after a system that is fast...
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    New ABR Retrieveable Redirect from TS

    Light is right! Are there aluminum slic pins out there. I remember getting some samples from the supplier a couple years ago, and I almost think I remember an aluminum one in the bag. Probably not with the double catches though. Anyone using a 9 or 10mm sewn prussic loop with a 'biner and a...
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    Bulldog OAR Lanyard Adjuster

    The BOLA pitch combo just came to mind as the BDB seems to glide right through the pitch most of the time. the art works pretty nice with the pitch too. Spendy but smooth - well worth the money for the number of pines I work at times. Could not agree more with having a lot of rope in the lanyard...
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    Cool elm project

    Awesome project! Had a rash of large dead elm removals this year and last - sad. I can't wait to hear more!
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    Bulldog OAR Lanyard Adjuster

    Anyone have any feed back on how the BOLA is working with pitchy lanyards on those gooy pine removals? I work enough white pines that I have a dedicated 12mm htp lanyard/flipline - it's nice and stiff! It has sewn eyes w/ 'biners and an art positioner (works well with pitch) so I can remove all...
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    Constant problems with 372

    Agree with ehp and ROYCE. No decompression, and it likes a little choke even when warmish, but really easy to miss the pop. My 372 had a really rough break in period - lots of flooding! Now it's one of my strongest running saws. So, be patient, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Underpowered Husky 394xp - New Cylinder??

    I am digging in to an old (late 90's) 394xp that starts/runs well, but suffers from lack of power. Here are some photos of the cylinder and piston. The piston replacement is a given. How bad does this cylinder look? -Thanks