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  1. Tree_Frog

    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Leaf out is organize and structured.
  2. Tree_Frog

    There was a tree hiding in there.

    Little of both. Got a new leaf out pic of a golf course tree that I will post. Response should be organized and normal.
  3. Tree_Frog

    Fertilizer/pesticide licenses

    Get the limited commercial. Almost impossible to get one in FL. Gotta have 3 years under someones else's license.
  4. Tree_Frog

    There was a tree hiding in there.

  5. Tree_Frog

    Green Teeth vs New River

    What setup do you have and how do you sharpen the teeth to get a precision edge while on the grinder?
  6. Tree_Frog

    Tree With Power Line (Picture)

    The z says no. Your wallet says yes. Hum. Call and have them dropped. Enjoy.
  7. Tree_Frog

    Weakening OSHA...what gain is there?

    It only help the workers if the companies use the revenue savings to help the workers. The paper work alone will drown profits of any company when dealing with the government.
  8. Tree_Frog

    Elbow pain

    Tiger Balm the original stuff from Thailand. Amazon has it. The american version is synthetic.
  9. Tree_Frog

    Green Teeth vs New River

    I am in the process of building a 2550T and had the same question in another thread. I was at the Florida ITCC in Maitland on Saturday and the Bandit rep was there. I posed that question to him and with his personal experience on the machines, he recommend to use the Green teeth as they work...
  10. Tree_Frog

    I got called a "snake," yesterday...

    I call that dodging a bullet. That is when you get a nudge out of a possibly bad situation. Probably a homeowner that you did not want to work for. Just had one myself today. I had a homeowner use my reputation to get the removal permit by submitting my estimate and got approval. Then got...
  11. Tree_Frog

    Retrenchment and Mistletoe

    The tree just flushed out. Wow. The first shot already shows wound closure on the turkey branch a year later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Tree_Frog

    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Green side is approximately 60-70%. The moss was so dense that there were very few inner canopy branches along the stem. Very few inner canopy branches were removed. Most outer canopy was brittle and carpenter ants were hollowing out the outer canopy branches that were cut. I see that a lot...
  13. Tree_Frog

    Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

    I’ve had good luck with the wearsharp teeth. The third edge is usually still sharp but running only 8 teeth I don’t waste too much time between rotating them. Lots of rock landscaping Here. The zt1844 wears the inner two sets faster without the spacers. The 4 teeth with the spacers last about 2...
  14. Tree_Frog

    Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

    When you say they last longer, is that all 3 sides of the green teeth or just 1 cutting edge. Tks
  15. Tree_Frog

    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Request was to clean and prune the tree to allow more light or have to spend $40K to move the green. Goal accomplished. End day 1 End 1/2 day 2. To accomplish the goal we did a major reduction of the green side stem to provide more light penetration. Due to the lack of proper pruning and...
  16. Tree_Frog

    Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

    Considering upgrading from my bandit zt1844. Great machine. Stumps keep getting bigger. Was looking at the 2900 but requires another truck, trailer, driver for a single day removal. Now looking at a 2550. How is the revolution wheel vs green teeth?
  17. Tree_Frog

    got kicked off the job

    Simple version. 8K is X amount of hours and equipment. Anything exceeding that estimate should be billed time and material. Contract version is the question.
  18. Tree_Frog

    Fun job.

    Moss is moss. Lots of bugs and ants. Just start the music and keep pulling. Thanks for the clean-up kudos.
  19. Tree_Frog

    Fun job.

    Lol. Thule