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  1. Nish

    Mosquito applications

    I've eliminated mosquitos around my house with permethrin/bifenthrin spot spraying. The labels are restrictive about where you can spray this stuff for given its toxicity to aquatic critters. I'd also be curious to know what the professional mosquito abatement folks use. I love doing what I can...
  2. Nish

    Guy drops chainsaw from 60ft, zero damage???

    Our saws used to regularly crack and break apart, spontaneously, according to the employees.
  3. Nish

    "One handing" a chainsaw??!!

    Probably not too many strong opinions about this. For safety reasons the industry needs to move on from chainsaws and bucket trucks altogether, towards high explosives.
  4. Nish

    Two seperate lanyards

    I'm jazzed with the long double lanyard that @DavidRicks just spliced and assembled for me. Just got it last night, but David and some of the other innovative climbing pros are apparently rocking these to great effect. Should be great for passing branches or extending into one long lanyard. The...
  5. Nish

    White Oak Leaf problem

    ATH--super helpful! I just discovered the zoom on my iphone camera. So here's a close-up of the black stuff on the petiole (not crumbly), along with some kind of brown inchworm.
  6. Nish

    White Oak Leaf problem

    There is some fuzzy leaf gall on the undersides of some leaves (last photo), but something else must have caused the leaf browning and curl. Aphids?
  7. Nish

    Is suicide morally acceptable?

    The wrongness of suicide and most of its terribleness, when it is wrong and terrible, is entirely about its effects others, particularly to those close to you or dependent upon you. A life that's well-worth living has mostly to do with your unique, or hard-to-substitute, ongoing and future...
  8. Nish

    DMM Offya

    I like the configuration used the video (illustrated in the image below without the addition of the block on the red load line), but it seems to me that the same can be as easily achieved, and probably less expensively, with a couple of small blocks/pulleys attached below a rigging plate...
  9. Nish

    Fabric winch line

    Try Ebay. Great bargains there for dyneema winch lines.
  10. Nish

    Stumped #3

    Maybe soil-persistent herbicide could have been unintentionally introduced with the mulch, or in some improperly cleaned or mis-labeled insecticide sprayer or pressure washer tank? The half-life of picloram is up to 3-years and can be highly mobile in soils. Imazapic averages a 120-day half-life...
  11. Nish

    stumped #2

    It looks like there may be some soil erosion there. My theory: the applicator drenched the ground with 5% glyphosate but was a bit more careful when spraying around the evergreen shrubs. The trees/shrubs were damaged by having their exposed feeder roots drenched with the glyphosate solution...
  12. Nish

    Is my tree dying?

    Overwatering and/or poor drainage? A three-year-old tree in your area shouldn't need any supplemental watering. Are there any other maples around you showing or not showing similar (even if less severe) symptoms?
  13. Nish

    Which rigging rope to buy!

    Good point. In my mind the big worry is I don't have a good feel for how much pull we're creating with the trucks or minis. Probably the operators don't either. We've broken plenty of the dinky 1/2" 12-strand (abs 6,000lbs) with the SK1550. I recall a Treebuzzer casually mentioning breaking 3/4"...
  14. Nish

    EAB treatment pricing

    Super helpful ATH. Thank you!!!
  15. Nish

    Which rigging rope to buy!

    The ABS of brand new 3/4" Stable Braid is 20,400 lbs. For Notch Kraken it's 18,400 lbs. Add a bowline and you've maybe brought the Kraken down to 13,000 lbs ABS or so. Our rigging ropes are rarely brand new and clean. It's not impossible to generate 13,000 lbs of pull with heavy duty MA systems...
  16. Nish

    Which rigging rope to buy!

    It seems to me that a brand new 150' rigging rope is too short, either because we're setting blocks at 75' or more, pulling a piece away from a tree with a tagline (while still holding it on the rigging line with the portawrap), or somehow abusing the tail and losing a few feet off the ends...
  17. Nish

    PHC Techs Wanted

    Thanks for the response. I was actually just trying to get a better feel for what is fair compensation for my own employees. I appreciate your time. Looks like you've got a great tree company, decades ahead of us. Good luck with your hires.
  18. Nish

    Which rigging rope to buy!

    If I had only two rigging lines, it would be Tree Master 3-strand for light stuff and natural crotch rigging, using it whenever I could get away with it. Then I'd have 200' of double braid 5/8th for heavy stuff, pulling it out only when it's needed, using blocks or rings. If I could have four...
  19. Nish

    PHC Techs Wanted

    What are the base salary or hourly rate ranges? I'd like to get a better understanding of what specialists in this field are paid.
  20. Nish

    Looking for a mentor-throw line

    I wonder if it would not be as good to practice with a bucket of throwbags on 8-foot lines, trailed by short ribbons of hi-viz flagging tape, selecting targets with a low-likelihood of snagging. Maybe save on the throwbags by filling socks with measured weights in sand. Why a preference for...