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  1. Smurph86

    Residential to line clearance

    I recently switched from residential tree work to line clearance (union benefits and better pay) but I absolutely hate it. It is nothing like residential work. I need to just start my own company. What do you guys like better?
  2. Smurph86

    Stihl 201tcm

    I just ordered a new 201 and I was wondering about everyone's thoughts in it since they put the CPU in it
  3. Smurph86

    Herbicide testing

    I'm thinking about winging it on the test..... is it hard. What does it consist of? What can I look up on my phone to study for it
  4. Smurph86

    Tree workers union local 1919

    Anybody work in the tree workers union and if so how do you like it?
  5. Smurph86

    Daily rate freelance

    What do you guys charge to climb for other companies. I usually go between 250-300 /day. Just curious
  6. Smurph86

    Hardhat stickers

    Anybody else let their woman design their kask?
  7. Smurph86


    I'm looking for 2 rock erotica tririg plates for my weaver cougar saddle to make a rope bridge. Any suggestions?