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    Not Much Life left

    I put off On Posting this for respect of the victim. I know her personally. I have heard stories of this one tree company in the area being dangerous, not paying its employees, leaveing giant brush piles, and stealing wood. A woman was struck while this man was dropping a White ash butt, she...
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    Will crane = Lazy?

    My company is looking into buying its own crane. Now this is what worries me. I understand that if we have a peice of equipment qe might as well use it, but I think it will cause some lazyness on the part of our work crews. Also I am the only one with crane experience(not just on the ball, but...
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    Confused on snap cuts

    Ok I normmaly us cunventional cuts,(barbers chairs, conventional Hinges, and face cuts) to direct falling tops or trunk portions. Now from what I understand from this diagram provided by someone else on this board that this is a snap cut. Now where, and how is the wood controled to go in...
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    My big Ash

    Well being some what new to this I thought I'd share my first photos. I was called in to remove some storm damage and some extra removals so to begin the storm damage.
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    Tree Arthritus?

    I have been noticing over some time I come across some trees of all species but mostly hard woods. That grow in an unusaul way, all of a sudden the branch will stop its normal path of growth and take a sharp 90 degree turn. I was in an Oak and it was so bad I couldn't Possibly make a cut that...
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    Best friction knot for srt?

    I have tried many nots on my srt. But I have more often then when I need to lower myself with blakes, taught, or any variation of a preruk(sp?), They lock up and have to change over to a Dbpt for more control over my descent. Which is a giant pain cause then I have to go all the way up or...
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    Is under estimating work more dangerous?

    I have had 3 Injuries in 1 month. All in part by rushing to get jobs done. The first one was A knee injury- The foreman was rushe don the job that took us 2 hours of travel to get to the jobsite. He was cutting huge limbs about 9" or more in width outta of a pine to. I ran up and slowly...
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    Wondering about pay and to get hired

    Ok heres what I do: Climber(beginer) CLD class B Saw mechanic (you would be surprised what I made work on a job site) Truck Minor Mechanic (give me the tools tell me what to replace and forget about it) Chipper Mechanic (Same deal as above) On weekends a come in and detail the trucks Well, Im...
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    New climber took a 120ft pine

    Ok they stuck me with a diffrent supervisor today. I thought great dragging brush all day when he gets to sit in the bucket(this is really what this guys does cuts everything then hangs out in the bucket and watches you clean the rest) Well to day we were givin a work order for one "monster...
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    New Climber looking for advice

    I just started climbing about a mounth ago. I have a few crane jobs and some pine removals under my belt, But the problem when I am looking through these forums. I feel like I need a degree in sancript. I can understand what you are talking about. Were can I get this information since my...