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  1. unatool

    1997 Int dump truck 2005 Woodsman 18X

    Selling our dump truck (Arbortech body) and Woodsman 18x (2200 hrs). Focusing on trim jobs these days - backing off from the big removals. We will be using our Bucket truck and 12 inch Morbark. 46 years old now... going to cruise into my 50's! Our equipment is well maintained by local diesel...
  2. unatool

    UF Tree, Bellingham WA hiring new crew member

    We are a 3 man crew in Washington State. Looking for a new member. Ground responsibilities and some climbing. 12 years in business with steady work. Owner is a Certified Arborist & lead climber. Bucket Truck, dump truck, 2 chippers - all good gear. 60% removals & 40% trimming. Sober crew, good...
  3. unatool

    Prescott, AZ tree work questions...

    We here in the PNW always seem to wanna move South this time of year. ps- been to Prescott. Nice town
  4. unatool

    Bridge rope

    I use Velocity on my Ergovation saddle.
  5. unatool

    Going to do storm clean up with a U Haul. WHAT!

    I am in Washington State. Rain, enough work to stay happy. The local "git er done" tree service (my competitor) stopped by my jobsite Monday to say they were going east. "Not much going on here anyway". not for tree topper lot clearing yahoo's... I have been driving past his Yard to see if the...
  6. unatool

    Almost new Stihl 026 chainsaw for sale

    Gotta love an original 026. My crew likes ours... muffler mod & 20 inch bar. A nice sized saw for tree work. I see them for sale often for $200 to $300... I would bite @ 3 bills for a NOS?
  7. unatool

    New chainsaws

    Go visit ArboristSite - chainsaw threads Incredible info devoted to chainsaw junky 's I'd go 261 auto tune. But I own old 026's because those new 'smart' saws are garbage... strato engine EPA conspiracy! p.s. my favorite saw is MS440. Love a 200t too!
  8. unatool

    ms 200t diagram

    Should be able the find online. Free manuals. I have lots downloaded to my smartphone. Also, see ArboristSite - chainsaws. There is a thread called "begging for manuals "
  9. unatool

    Stihl MS201

    X2 jomoco. Reg did sum it up nicely. It can be hard to explain why a powerful chainsaw is important in some situations. "pull of gravity" & "downright dangerous" yep.
  10. unatool

    A Highly Valuable Black Walnut

    "My highly valuable time... everyone in the universe knows my time is highly valuable! " Thanks - I spent my day bidding jobs and I needed this!
  11. unatool

    Stihl MS201

    [ QUOTE ] I just had a stock husky 540 demo saw for the day....absolutely annihilates the Stihl. The king is dead.... [/ QUOTE ] Reg - how good is that 540 and any word on WHEN WE CAN GET ONE? I keep hearing the date gets pushed further back for us Neanderthal 's here in North America...
  12. unatool

    Stihl MS201

    Yes, the 201 is good when modified. I had Snelling in Ohio do mine. Muffler mod, ignition advance & unlimited adjusters. My new complaint is the cheap AV mount on the lower handle. Cheap little spring - I bent it in an Apple tree...
  13. unatool

    Throw ball vs Progress climb?

    So many Douglas fir & Cedar... Throw into low limb, then ALT on up. Quick ...scared of my ladder - but use it often.
  14. unatool

    Morbark 2060d

    Picked up my 2005 Woodsman 18X from mechanic today... The new clutch did not go as easy as hoped. The spindle / shaft was damaged. Sent to machine shop to weld, patch, and balance. $1,500 parts - $1,500 labor. A well spent $3k but - ouch! Back to work!
  15. unatool

    Morbark 2060d

    [ QUOTE ] That's a nice little chipper. Looks like you bought a Woodsman, you'll like it. [/ quote] Love my 18X Woodsman! In the shop now for new clutch 1600 hrs. I wash it - no waxing the woodsman here
  16. unatool

    Who hangs their chainsaw from a caritool?

    Paddle biner here... Kong with the name scratched off! I do not use a lanyard to attach a saw to myself. Scares me. I have only dropped one saw in 12 years. Old husky 335. I may have thrown it! :)
  17. unatool

    will a chainsaw cut through a steel core lanyard?

    X2 what he said. Always double tied in when cutting. Almost always... I too have "accidentally" hit my steel core with a 200T and also heard and felt it. I can not imagine removing trees with a rope lanyard. That's what I use for a trim job.
  18. unatool

    2 Chippers Bandit 90, Woodsman 15x

    That's correct. My first chipper was a Bandit 250. Now seems strange -the up/down feed wheel design. Worked fine...
  19. unatool

    bar length

    [ QUOTE ] Unatool, your saw.............It's making me happy. [/ QUOTE ] listen to me get scared when it tries to pinch my saw and I rev it up. 90ft spar, 16 ft log cut - 28" diameter. The tree had a DBH of like 45". 90 ton crane.
  20. unatool

    bar length

    Oh yeah! My new baby is a 440/460 hybrid. Full woods port. Translate : a Stihl 440 with the piston and cylinder of a 460 stuffed inside. Then the fuel intake, exhaust ports are widened. Muffler is gutted to let flow exit faster... timing is advanced and rpm's are turned up until maximum...