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  1. wyoclimber

    Business Books

    Any must have business books? Has anyone read these?
  2. wyoclimber

    How cold is too cold?

    I’m wondering when others call work for temperature. I avoid working below 0F and I generally don’t do climbing jobs unless the temperature will be double digits most of the day. I find that the likelihood of an accident increases dramatically when it’s really cold. I think it’s also incredibly...
  3. wyoclimber

    Saw Pants for New Hires

    I’m looking to have a couple pairs of saw pants for new hires. Anyone who stays on longer than 6 months gets at least one pair of nicer saw pants, but I’d like to get some cheaper pairs to have on hand and have a few different sizes. Anyone tried those Treehog pants that Shelter is carrying...
  4. wyoclimber

    Climber/Apprentice Needed in Northwest Wyoming

    Growing Tree Service in NW Wyoming looking for climbers. Pay dependent on experience, but brand new climbers start at $14/hr. Paid Time off, Medical and Equipment stipends available after 6 months. Cody, Wyoming is an outdoor recreation hub! Located 50 miles from the East Gate of Yellowstone...
  5. wyoclimber

    New Pfanner Gladiator Vents

    Anybody care to comment on the new Pfanner Gladiator Vent Chainsaw Pants at Treestuff? I'm in the market for new pants for my crews this summer. I was planning on the Arbortec's, as I was very disappointed in my last Pfanner's, durability wise, but these new ones have piqued my interest.
  6. wyoclimber

    Climber needed in NW Wyoming

    Small company located in Cody, WY looking for a climber. Pay is dependent on experience, $15-25/hr. Safety is our highest priority and we are always working to stay up to date on the newest techniques and equipment. PPE is provided, we use Protos helmets with Ropetek comms. The owner/operator is...
  7. wyoclimber

    Rocky Mountain Buzzers

    Rocky Mountain Buzzers, You Front Range guys need to get our TCC date on here. I just found out that it was last weekend. By the way, rockettree, congrats on the Master's finish! Anyway, I got no notice that they had switched from September to June, the only email I got mentioning it was June...
  8. wyoclimber

    RIP Dean Potter

    Not a tree climber, but an inspiration to many. Details are few so far, but I've heard it was a BASE accident last night. RIP Dean Potter.
  9. wyoclimber

    Tree Work Near Beautiful Yellowstone National Park

    Arbor Solutions Tree Care is looking for Groundsman/Climbers. We are a young, growing company located in Cody, WY , 52 miles from the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park. Pay is dependent on experience, but starts at a minimum of $12/hr. $15-$20 for someone who can climb and prune. Valid...
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    Don't even know where to put this.

  11. wyoclimber

    News Coverage

    Did a crane job yesterday at our local chamber of commerce. 40-50 foot Spruce fell over in a windstorm on Friday and we were called in to remove it. The building is on the main drag so it was pretty high profile. We made the local news (which is funny because it was a very straightforward, 1...
  12. wyoclimber

    Home Advisor

    Got cold called by a guy from Home Advisor today? Didn't have much time to talk to him so I didn't hear much of his schpiel. Anybody have experience with these guys?
  13. wyoclimber

    Shoulder Injury

    So it looks like I injured my shoulder at our comp this weekend. I don't remember anything specifically but I woke up with pain yesterday and it's steadily gotten worse. Heading to the orthopedist on Wednesday to check it out. Pain feels like a dull ache in the joint, I'm hoping I just strained...
  14. wyoclimber

    RMC-TCC Masters

    1st - Luke Glines 2nd - Charley Wagner 3rd - Kevin Kelly Luke and Kevin both ran a wrench in the masters.
  15. wyoclimber

    Mini Skids

    I'm looking into Mini Skids. From what I've seen I'm thinking the big Boxer or Vermeer. Anyone have any experience with them? I may end up looking at a Dingo as well, a lot smaller but I might have a line on a well maintained one for a decent price.
  16. wyoclimber

    Northern Rockies Tree School

    Here in my hometown of Cody, WY on Oct. 8-9. I'll post a schedule of speakers when I get my hands on one.
  17. wyoclimber

    Sterling Tendril

    Anyone had the opportunity to use that new Sterling Tendril line SRT? Any thoughts?
  18. wyoclimber

    EAB Workshop - Billings, MT

    Tuesday, August 19th. Registration starts at 8:30. Parmly Library, 510 N Broadway.
  19. wyoclimber

    Rocky Mountain Chapter TCC- Rope Wrench?

    Anybody on here in communication with the organizers of the RMC TCC? I'm trying to find out in advance if they'll let me wrench in the work climb.
  20. wyoclimber

    Fire blight

    I typically do not Prune fire blight during summer because it spreads so easily, but I have a client who has a infected, rapidly declining apple. The fire blight is pretty advanced and is moving very rapidly throughout the tree (we have had a hot and wet spring and summer). They know that they...