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  1. Muggs

    Spider Leg: Basic Setup

    I hardly ever use this technique, but it's good to know...
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    Drop World

    Turn it up! Climb High, Work Smart, Read More. - Patrick
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    Ups and Downs...

  4. Muggs

    Rope Walking 101: Tree Ascent for Arborists

    Check out my latest video: Rope Walking 101. I had fun with this one!
  5. Muggs

    August Hunicke on The Educated Climber Podcast

    Tune in to the Educated Climber Podcast to hear the real stories behind the original monkey beaver, August Hunicke. Learn what it takes to run a hugely successful YouTube channel and design the next generation of climbing saddles, all while operating a thriving family business! Whether you are...
  6. Muggs

    Origin Stories: The Rope Wrench, with Kevin Bingham

    Tune in to the newest episode of the Educated Climber Podcast to hear "Origin Stories: The Rope Wrench" with Kevin Bingham. This is the behind-the-scenes story of the development of the Rope Wrench, from the godfather of SRT himself, Mr. Kevin Bingham. From the initial idea that led to the F8...
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    Pulling Power: Maasdam Rope Puller (Rope Come-Along)

    Episode 3 of my pulling power series (for newbs)
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    The Illusion of Safety: Safe vs. Safer vs. Safer-er

    Good day friends, today I want to talk to you about climbing and production tree work. Sound good? Ok, let's begin. Today you are going to learn the master key, the grand secret of tree work. This will probably change your life. Pay attention now, we're going to move fast. Here it is - Safety...
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    Travelin' Man

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    This is what I did with my copy of 'The Fundamentals'...

    When I heard that The Fundamentals was out of print a while back, I was heartbroken. This is the book that started it all for me. I contacted Jerry B. back in April or May of this year, with the intention of bringing it back. I wanted to release it as both a paper copy and an e-book. I just...
  11. Muggs

    The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition

    Good morning everybody! I'm super excited to tell you about my newest project, The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition by G.F. Beranek. This is the book that started it all for me. I remember in my first term of apprenticeship school, the Vermeer dealer stopped in to take orders...
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    Hi everybody, I just wanted to invite you all to check out the new and improved homepage at There have been a ton of changes and additions to the site over the past few months, with much more in the works! There is a very large and growing community forming around this...
  13. Muggs

    Tree Gear: A Capital Investment

    An opinion piece: I was talking to my friend Ben this morning about lanyard setups and the costs involved in moving from simplistic, old-school setups, to more modern setups, involving micropulleys, biners, hitch cords, etc. I was sensing some hesitation on his part, mostly due to the cost of...
  14. Muggs

    PortaWrap Dead Eye Sling with a Running Bow

    Looking for opinions and feedback on this technique. I still use a whoopie sling most of the time, but if it's a dead eye sling, I just prefer this method. Any thoughts? All the best.
  15. Muggs

    The Snap Cut

    Hey all, if any of you busy chaps could carve out 16 minutes of your life to watch a tree nerd video, I'm looking for feedback on my newest work, The Snap Cut. All the best!
  16. Muggs

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    Anyone else on the Buzz follow GaryVee? He is a huge inspiration for me, constantly reminding me to hustle in business. Gary Vaynerchuk was born in the Soviet Union, in Belarus. His family emigrated to the US when he was 3. A born entrepreneur, he is a pioneer in online retailing, social media...
  17. Muggs

    Subcontractor Agreement

    Hey all, anyone using a formal, written subcontractor agreement? I had this one company about 5 years ago that I was doing contract climbing for but I didn't totally trust the guy. He had a background in a different industry and then he moved over to tree work and was trying to build an empire...
  18. Muggs


    This is an idea that my friend Joseph Duncan mentioned to me a while back, finally got around to trying it. At the end of a big removal, when you have it down to a spar and you have a tagline tied to it to pull it over, I like to bail out using a Munter. But the Munter requires both hands the...
  19. Muggs

    Double Rope SRT Climb

    Tried this setup recently in a sketchbag Maple. Got the idea from Kevin Bingham. Definitely something to experiment with. Tell me what you think.
  20. Muggs

    Integrated Tree Management Plan (ITM)

    Submitted for discussion: (this is a page from my website at This is a concept that I came up with a long time ago (around 2010), but I didn’t really develop it until quite recently. This is a strategy and framework for selling tree care...