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    Dead Wood

    Oh my, that was terrible to read. At least they managed to use punctuation, capitalize, and break it into paragraphs.
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    New England Platinum Protect Pa

    Which diameter? I've used the 10.5 and it's a bit stretchy compared to HTP or Escalator. I've heard others complain about its lumpiness. Even more complaints about the elongation of the 11.5 version.
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    Tree fail in real time

    Summer trunk drop?
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    EN and Z133 rope standards.

    Try this:
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    What in the!?

    Maybe they were flower beds that they gave up on.
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    uSAVER will not retrieve.

    Never used one either, but seems like you're choking it too tight. I think the pulley prusik needs to be set farther down towards the end so that as you retrieve it, the pulley will meet the ring before the ring has a chance to get pulled adjacent to the limb.
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    Truck Loading with Block & Tackle

    I saw that somewhere recently also. Something like this:
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    SRT devices

    Franz Sticht Karl Prusik Uli Distel Jason Blake Knut Foppe Todd Kramer Schwabisch (Swabia), Germany etc.
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    Fall Force Calculator?

    Not 100 lbs, but 100 ft-lbs. And in the diagram, if you weighed exactly 100 lbs, lift your feet off the ground - the pulley would be supporting 200 lbs.
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    Fall Force Calculator?

    The increase in velocity over time will be linear, but since it's falling faster as it falls, it takes less time to cover the next distance interval - so the increase in velocity (and kinetic energy) over distance will be inversely exponential with distance. I think that's making the impact...
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    This bumper sticker: Tastefully comical or childishly insulting?

    Maybe not childishly insulting, but somewhat immature. Might be taken as a harbored grudge. You got a wider audience than tree workers
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    Ohio TCC in Cincinnati Results ??? - 4/13/19

    Dustin Ford 1st Nick Markley 2nd Evan Beck 3rd Betsy Parks 1st
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    RE Akimbo setting and rope

    175# All Gear Rocket line Mature, not too fuzzy E5 all day Slapped the Akimbo on my All Gear Rocket line today without changing any settings from my Scion.
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    Selling AFB & fly climb line

    Does the Fly have a splice or slaice®?
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    I took that Johhny Pro TRT video using a Flip video camera. I'll search around my old computer and see if I can find it.