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    CE Lanyard Rope

    What do you mean "found"? Was it not known it is Teufelberger? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    retracting reels Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Ohio Recreational Tree Climbing - Meet, Greet & Climb?

    Glad you like it. I know it's not the most comfortable, but it never bothered me unless I was hanging in it for a long time. Put a swivel or a ring on the bridge, rather than just clipping to the bridge itself. You'll have to make some adjustments to find a bridge length you like.
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    Ohio Recreational Tree Climbing - Meet, Greet & Climb?

    I would travel from Michigan if it fits in my schedule.
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    This is the Akimbo

    I don't know how many have changed hands, but here's what I could find from looking through TreeBay and Facebook: $426 Dec 2016, lightly used $625 Mar 2017, new £406 Aug 2017, used $801 AUD, Jan 2018, lightly used $450 Mar 2018, lightly used $550 Mar 2018, lightly used $550 Mar 2018...
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    Does cold weather reduce the rated kn of gear?

    I hope not. I routinely fly my aluminum airplane for prolonged periods in temperatures as low as -70°C. Different alloys probably, different structures, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, etc. Nonetheless...
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    where is it legal to Rec Tree Climb ?

    Where upstate? I might be passing through next month.
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    This is the Akimbo

    From the WesSpur catalog.
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    The SAKA will no longer be on the market

    Sounds like a Weaver lawyer wrote that.
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    Rope for sale

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    First srt set up

    Lol, maybe he'd like something to work with this year?
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    Nesting throwline storage

    I like the bottom storage area. And seems like without corners, you don't have to deal with the corners blowing out.
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    Tree cache 14 blew away shortly before I could get to it. I've visited Tree 18. Got a Reep Schnur prusik loop: Opened Tree 26 cache to find it filled with several inches of frozen water. What swag was left was submerged in a block of ice: Went looking for Tree 16 but couldn't find it...
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    Finish line anyone?
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    Not family, but the neighbors think I'm crazy. And their teenage daughter thinks it's "so gay!" Lol