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    When a prospective customer calls and...

    We dont tell a doctor or a dentist what we need done so there is no reason a customer needs to tell us what needs to be done to their trees. I walk away from customers like that and only take clients that are looking for me to do what NEEDS to be done
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    Tropical removal.....latest action.....lofuckingl

    Gotta love the sap on those
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    ISO petzel zillon

    Had one for a bit and enjoyed it. Got an ART positioner and probably won't try anything else (unless I splurge on a BOLA).
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    In search of good winter climbing gloves

    The thermal Atlas fit are pretty glorious in my opinion. Just buy a dozen. Buy a box of latex gloves and wear those under them on wet cold days.
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    When you see the Petzl Chicane

    And a BDB to support Gordon @surveyor!
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    Cleveland Equip. VS. Spartan Equip.

    We are looking at purchasing a grapple for our mini and am wondering if anyone has dealt with either of these two dealers? Experiences would be great and recommendations for other dealers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    My boss is looking for one for his Bobcat MT55 miniskid. If anyone is looking to part with one or has a lead on one please let me know. Located in Boise, Idaho but willing to travel around the West Coast and/or have shipped. Thanks!
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    why there is no information on Echo CS2511 muffler mod?

    Didn't read all posts but if it hasn't been stated yet, change out your sprocket to whatever the pitch is that the still 150's run (sorry but I'm not good with the technical specs. I just run them). Then run the 150 bar. That in combo with even a slight muffler mod and carb adjustment does wonders.
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    Tree work in movies/television

    I'm with you in always looking in backgrounds for tree work. I was lucky enough to do some pruning for the second hunger games movie set and we had to spray paint every single cut to make it blend in. Strange they missed that stump because they seemed on top of it in a serious way.
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    [SOLD] Tree Austria Suspenders / chest harness

    You will appreciate them if you do many removals. TM tends to sagg pretty badly even with a mid-range saw.
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    [SOLD] Tree Austria Suspenders / chest harness

    My mate rocks these on his TM and seem to work amazing. I would grab them but dont really need them. Someone will score at that price.
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    Is this too much pruning?

    The OP is calling us tree surgeons which leads me to believe they are in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. With that in mind and the obvious photos this does seem to be what we call a Norway maple. I have spent time in NZ and they call these Sycamore. Also with this in mind, all of those...
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    Throw line

    Another for Dynaglide. The pretzel stuff you are using is pretty good but does seem to take a while to "break in".
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    I wouldnt put grape vines in the same category as trees but I understand where you're coming from. Espalier for fruit trees is for the purpose of fruit so again a bit different than shade trees. Fruit trees in general are a whole different animal. With the fact that there was no specifics...