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    Cordless drill w/ GRCS??? This is the tool that has the good specs for the harken winch head on the SRW, so I wreckon it runs just as nice on the GRCS...only thing is that a drill bit to fit the winch head isn't easy to find....
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    T540 xp

    Just use it as if its a saw thats been used for quite some time, no need to run it in, it sets every time it has a certain amount if high and lov revs for a period of time. Cant remember the exact data but that doesnt mind no infi you need to know to use it better. Just keep in mind that it...
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    Video of Dead Pine Takedown

    Great vid and really like the different effects you integrated ! Some serious swings with the rigging ;-)
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    My impressions of the MS 201T

    Have recently tried the old modified 201T and the newest 201T straight from the stihl factory with factory modifications. Big difference in these two saws and the new factory machine starting with serial nr higher as 177543232 are sure the stihl saws like we know them. I reckon its Just...
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    Rigging Tip Failure

    That could have been a nasty accident.... Just like Tom already said...can't believe they seriously looked at the tip before making their decision. Seems like a hurry hurry setup and they sure were lucky for causing only damage to their truck !
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    Husq 390 vs 385

    Been using a 390 since a couple of months as replacement dor my MS640. It's a great saw, heaps and heaps of power and small and nice on the climbing saddle as well. Have used a 385 long time ago, so my comparison is somewhat difficult to make since there are to much saws and to much time in...
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    T540 xp

    Tip for starting : don't touch the gastrottle and if you do it won't start ;-) Best thing when its cooled a bit down is to pull the choke on and of so you got it set on start gas and then without touching the gastrottle pull it and it will start nice. Same goes for the other autotune saws. All...
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    Recommendations for footwear?

    Merrell for light pruning and fast climbing jobs. La sportiva for the normal jobs and also very good on spurs. The chainsaw protective boots from Haix are great for all day long spur work. All shoes with Gore tex !
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    Husqvarna T536 Li XP tophandle chainsaw

    Don't know if it will charge since the charging tool is engineered for 200 ~ 220 volts....
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    Husqvarna T536 Li XP tophandle chainsaw

    The price seems to be a hard headed item for arborist.... I know lots of climbers that don't want to invest in a simple pantin, but drive a new business car every tree years and complain about elbow problems from working the ropes...... I know a lot of people investing in al sorts of...
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    Husqvarna T536 Li XP tophandle chainsaw

    Over here it costs the equivalent of 1000 USD, and this little "zero fuel 100% husqvarna" saw is allready part of the toolbox for many arborist over here ! The price you've paid is quickly forgotten once you get to experience this easy to use push the button power pack ;-) And for all the...
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    Speedline video call out

    The camera angle makes it look very close, my head was allready way out of the danger area. When I edited all the different little helm cam vids a couple of days later this big piece scared me more then when I was up there in the tree ;-) The way this rigging was setup we def had to consider...
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    rip cuts for rigging

    Birches are perfect trees for ripcuts but not when freezing.... I like to use it every now and then, but its def not my main cutting technique. Just use what you thinks is suitable for the situation at hand and if you knwo all these cutting techniques and different wood structures and behavor...
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    Speedline video call out First couple of minutes you can see the zipline system in action ;-) Keep it simple and keep it safe !
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    best lovering device

    Winch is from harken, and indeed you can not take of the winch. When catching pretty heavy loads zi wouldn't want to do that on the winch head. It has a load capacity and if you know how the intern mechanics work you better take good care of it and try to avoid heavy droploads ;-) Working two...