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    lurking women, care to introduce yourselves?

    And she's a darned good climber for her skill level! Hoping to see her grow her experience and skill, as a teammate as well as part of the 'Buzz family!
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    Notch extending pole saw.

    I cannot stress this enough: Carbon Fiber IS CONDUCTIVE. In the domain of utility line clearance there are special tools and techniques. And wonderful guidelines to safely do work. Electricity travels at 186,000 miles per second. No negotiating.
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    Retrievable Friction Saver Help!?

    I've been a lurker for years on TB and it pleases me that we are all working on a handy method to get a solution (or solutions) to this problem. I mean this in the most supportive way. I'm initially from the big&little ring era. Then the ring and pulley, etc. Due to my locale and the other...
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    music break

    A half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown. If I could edit "The Big Lebowski", I would put this song right after Sam Elliot says, "Some days the b[e]ar will eat you, some days you eat the b[e]ar". Thanks Nora for showing your roots.
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    Protection during construction

    What I was able to regularly prescribe that worked at SMU was 6' tall unscreened chainlink fence panels, posts set in the ground, at the drip line. No gate. They were installed before demolition and ground breaking and stayed up until the landscapers arrived. I or my staff were the only people...
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    When did you first hear?

    Q1: Earlier than 2002 I had enough to learn about getting through days and seasons of many new things in other facets of my Arborist responsibilities. Even at Tom's suggesting, I didn't rush into another new thing. Q2: 2004 I may have climbed earlier, but that was when I set out and accumulated...
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    Why we use forged-eye bolts

    What it looks like from the ground. For some reason it just didn't have that continuity I like to see. At first I thought it was a J-lag but I used a pair of binoculars for a better look.
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    Why we use forged-eye bolts

    I am so glad I was able to spot this quickly in a client's live oak. They just moved in 6 months ago. The tree appeared to be well maintained and the cabling and bracing in the right locations, and pruned well-- which is the exception for the Dallas area. This appears to have been done 4-5...
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    That Hammond B3 sound!

    To be accurate, the family organ was an M3. My current project is an L-100, which you can see Keith Emerson kicking around and stabbing on YouTube vids of concerts. I have owned two A and a C2. Keeping the models straight is like those of you that know the entire model lines for Husky, Jred...
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    Lanyard setup

    I've been running 20' and will be returning to a 25' in the next iteration. Triangles. Its all about triangulation. Two leads increases the opportunity. And some traverses, too. And the occasional Tarzan swing. Tachyon has done well on the last one, as has KMIII. My bottom line is the...
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    Jonsered repair shop near North Texas

    Folks, If I had the money, I'd by something else for now. If I had the time, I'd put it on my bench and learn. Its a Huskie 372xp. Do Pontiac, Plymouth, or Merc owners have this problem? The locals aren't willing to give me the chutzpah so I would like some referrals from y'all. TB is usually...
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    Jonsered repair shop near North Texas

    I've a Jonsered 2171 that is not starting. Its frustrating to take it around the local shops and get treated like some sort of pariah to get it repaired. We know its a Huskie dressed in red. Even the Huskie shops recoil. So, I would like to take suggestions for whom I can ship it off and get...
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    ITCC fall protection criteria

    After much deliberation (about 62 minutes) I think I should dare point at least a few of the tracks of the elephant that is in the living room. If certain mechanical devices and prussiks have to be backed up upon descent then why is it not requisite to install a backup system for the descent on...
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    ITCC fall protection criteria

    Its before coffee for me, so.... read the doc. Scope and duration: Is this a draft of a doc for all ITC events henceforward? Or should we encompass this one for an enactment date, say, September 2012 through some specific date when we can expect a strong revision due to the evolution of the...
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    Texas TCC 2012 May 18,19 in Austin

    Thanks to all: our host city, Guy LeBlanc's leadership, the support people, and especially the competitors. Congrats to the finalists, every one would represent the Chapter at ITCC. Finally, Miguel, for championing the climbs. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my 50th birthday than...