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    Ditch Witch sold to Toro

    Guess I better pay off the 600 this year and get started on the 1550.
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    Ditch Witch sold to Toro

    Dammit. I'm eyeing a 1550 in the next couple years, I wonder if quality will go downhill before I can get one.
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    Tree Climber Cuts His Hand With Chainsaw - "Viewer discretion advised"

    Take the splice end of your line, running bowline choked to the spar. Biner in splice. Take the tail from below your zz, hitch, etc and clip a bight into the biner, descend. the friction from the 2:1 disadvantage lets you descend easily and it lets you have a retrieval leg to pull when you get...
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    Yeah! Very excited.
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    If you're busy, stay home. Not worth pissing off regular customers. You'll need contacts, hookups, carry a couple weeks of fuel and supplies, be prepared to sleep in trucks with no showers/toilets and have access problems. You can't get supplies, you can't get parts and if something breaks you...
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    Basics of Pruning and Removal for Beginners.

    The a300 standards are an excellent start.
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    Basics of Pruning and Removal for Beginners.

    Don't cut just to do something to the tree. A major cause of tree mortality in the urban landscape is over pruning. If it doesn't need something to benefit it's own health or achieve a goal for the owner, leave it alone.
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    Anyone use 2 flip lines?

    I'll carry a foot lock prussic for several uses. One is a secondary lanyard. Learned it from Chris Coates. Girth hitch to one hip D and use a biner on the other side. Short enough to not need an adjuster.
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    Feedback Please

    We use Steve a lot at my company. We're small (2 guys) but with the right equipment. This mek absolutely crushes big and hazardous removals that I wouldn't have the manpower for otherwise. I've had 4 and 5 crew members before and absolutely hated it. Employees suck. We show up with the two of us...
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    Lanyard twist?

    What kind of adjuster?
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    Lanyard twist?

    I'm about 40 min from the Va Beach side of the CBBT. I have a few friends in MD that are excellent climbers.
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    Lanyard twist?

    We could always meet somewhere and rec. I think a solid foundation of climbing spikeless is essential. Its relatively easy to walk up a trunk and strip out limbs, but to to it safely requires some rope and knot work. Or if you want to come out on a removal day I'd definitely pay you to come work...
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    Lanyard twist?

    Where are you located around the bay? I'm in Chesapeake. I live getting together with people and helping each bbn other with climbing.
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    Why I Hate Tree Removal

    I very much dislike removals. I absolutely love preservation and PHC
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    Prusik cord

    Try a variety of hitches, low and slow until you know if it will work well. Knut is my personal favorite.