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    Ropetek Wraptor redesign

    I've very very please to say I got my hands on an old version wraptor, and it is FANTASTIC. I also completely retract my statement about swapping out the rope grab with an ASAP . My experience had been that they were always fiddly to attach, not so much here. I've got a question though, what's...
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    200' Calamine, brand new

    Why are you looking to trade? Don't like the color? As I understand it it should be the same construction
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    Best Mechanical Devices

    SRT- Akimbo, DDRT -zigzag, hybrid zigzag with chicane or wrench
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    Ropetek Wraptor redesign

    Perhaps something besides the ascender for a backup? like a petzl asap or something else easy on/off the line with less parts to fiddle with.
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    Tree fail in real time

    I've spent the better part of an afternoon watching a 24" oak uproot and fall. Little by little, the tree had been growing for decades with a substantial lean, and finally gave up the ghost. Looked out off the deck one morning and the trees didn't look quite the same, walked over and looked and...
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    Needing a bigger saw.

    My main issue with the 661 is balance, or a 32-36 inch bar on it and it is very bar heavy, not the case with the 395
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    Needing a bigger saw.

    Having held and used both, I'd need to be dead before I have up my 395s (work and a personal one). The 661 just didn't even compare. And while I rarely ever need to use it, I'll take a 3120 over an 880 any day. Only thing I don't like about it is no side access chain tensioner, but that's...
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    ART Positioner or I'm 95% sure it doesn't come with the piece for the steel core...
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    Ropetek Wraptor redesign

    How do the current wraptors (current gen and last gen) do with extra weight? At 325 without gear, I'm a *touch over capacity. I'm assuming as with most everything else, it's a certification and safety factor issue rather than the device is unsafe to use. Will the current ones lift more than...
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    Tips for Climbing a Tulip Poplar

    Misread that as poplar bark sliding... Which for those initiated with dead poplars... Is an issue with large pieces and sheets coming free
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    Tips for Climbing a Tulip Poplar

    Usually the wood is really clear of knots and takes paint well. See it used a lot in interior trim
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    Is a new version of R.R. coming out?

    I think all the new runners come with bearing pulleys
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    Route Planning for Quotes

    I use road warrior, i have it on android, so it might not be available on ios... BUT it should do everything you want. Put all your addresses in, and a start and end location (usually I have this set as wherever I am, and ending at the shop) and it plots the most efficient route through all of...
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    Wedgin' n jackin'

    If using this method and the wedges don't some out cleanly from the lower slots, usually a good sharp rap to the top of the stump above the wedges will split the fibers down along the wedges allowing them to come out effortlessly.
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    Aerial rescue poll

    Does self rescue count because of broken bucket controls?