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    Positioning on the cheap

    Just my opinion but the uni is a poor choice for climbing Ddrt.
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    Positioning on the cheap

    Yes, you already have it and it’ll always be with you. It’s the tail of your climb line.
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    Roll Off or Log Truck

    This was posted in another thread
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    Pictures of your chipper truck, lets see them!

    That is the thing dreams are made of!
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    Making your own chains

    Whether you buy spools or loops you'll save a lot by buying from In addition to having the best prices I could find anywhere online, they are a great little family run saw shop on the Wi/Iowa state line. Makes me feel even better about ordering from them. Excellent people...
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    New helmet

    Order all three and send your 2 least favorite back! I think we need a tree zapos
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    Unicender. Less than 10 hours. Make an offer.

    Still doesn't mean it wasn't bouncing around inside of his trucks tool box for the last three years. Unlikely, yes, but could still be in rough shape. I've seen some saws that look like they've been through both world wars that guys claim to only had five tanks run through them.
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    Heavy duty dump trailer, tri singles vs. tandem axle dually

    Yep the tri’s eat tires if you do anything other than hiway driving. Get the tandem dual.
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    I’m not buying his story either. His name popped up the same time he started using my logo.
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    I’m not copywrited but I looked into and started filling out paperwork for it a few years ago but never completed it.
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    I contacted him and he took down the logo but says he wants to keep the name. I told him if he doesn’t change it my lawyer will be sending a law suit his way.
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    My logo Thieves logo Now I know how Mark Chisholm probably feels like when his photos get ripped off. This dumbass is from the Carolinas too. Probably to stupid to realize the backdrop of my logo is the silhouette of Wisconsin! His Facebook page
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    394 bar set up.

    I run a 42” Oregon bar and skip tooth. Best deals on bars and loops that I’ve found is here Great little family run saw shop and will gladly answer any questions you have if you give them a call.
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    I think it was $1200. I still see clapped out ones selling for 400, and not just asking stupid high prices like some folks on Craigslist. Actually selling for $400. Just so we’re on the same page here we are talking about 200Ts and not sakas.
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    A Saka might be on par with an Akimbo now!