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    Lithium powered saws?

    I don't really bother with all that. I have the little cams, I bought them for when I fish, but climbing is so gear intensive I never added them to my climbing kit. They're a huge hassle when I have used them. I really admire the folks who do that kinda stuff I don't have the patience. I just...
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    Felling Large Hollow Oak Split In Half

    I really enjoy watching these well made videos of moderate length. Thanks for posting. How do you keep the video quality high? Youtube seems to downgrade my video when I upload them.
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    Is a new version of R.R. coming out?

    Yeah. It's a pretty slick little idea. No need to remove it for anything. I really didn't think I'd like it this much but it's so sweet when just descending while working a tree. It just makes everything feel smoother.
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    Lithium powered saws?

    Makita says the brushed motor has more torque at the 36v than the 18v brushless, but speed is inverse in this case. They talk about the larger motor of the brushed model being torquey. It has a lot to do with the specific motor that is selected. There is so much behind electric motor...
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    I use them for rigging non critical applications as well.
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    I buy life support items that have a big name with a lot of money to lose behind them. My wife bought me some chinese carabiners for xmas, I said "wtf are you thinking? I'm not using that."
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    Lithium powered saws?

    Yup. As I said, "in-tree" weight. The thing is a super value especially if you already have Makita batteries. I've been using mine in big hardwood and it's done remarkably well. It's so much better than the 10lb model for in tree work.
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    This bumper sticker: Tastefully comical or childishly insulting?

    I would do it, but I'm known for doing crazy in your face stuff like that. Don't be me. It's cost me at times, but I don't give a shit.
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    What is this branching phenomenon I see in this tree? Long stringers in Walnut branch tips.

    I have seen these in a few spots at the ends of branches on a walnut tree of mine. What is this called? What is the tree doing? They look like no other branches on the tree. I've seen it high on the tree and ive seen it low. A sprig here or there. No consistency. I've been up and close to it...
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    Do i need to tighten the aluminum rings on my harness

    Dude let a $2 allen wrench keep him grounded?
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    Needing new boots soon.

    I like my Lowa Zephyr GTX (gortex) highs. They have a polyurethane midsole instead of EVA so they're more firm and ready for ascenders... but I doubt they last you 8 years. They're not steel toe not sure what a "linemans" boot even is, so take that with a few grains...I like the...
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    Is a new version of R.R. coming out?

    i didn't think that I would need the 4srt beak protector, but I got my rope into some sap and really wished I'd had it... so I bought one and now I love it. I deburred it with a polish stone on my dremel.
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    Would anyone (paging Mr. Mumford) want to test some cheap rope that I bought online?

    I've seen the bowline retain 80% rope strength. I wouldn't count on it just being 50% or less, but it's possible. I can't tell where it broke. He didn't include the other end, I presume.
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    Would anyone (paging Mr. Mumford) want to test some cheap rope that I bought online?

    Well here it is. Claimed 7400lb breaking strength, but it tested out to 2790lbs. CWC Chinese rope fellas. That's what it'll get ya.