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    Matt Cornell Rope Saddle

    I love the MCRS! Here's my rebuild. I made it into a "Liger" version - that is, it's a strap-on instead of a step-though. I love it more, now!
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    TAZ LOV2 descender

    The TAZ LOV2 is a mechanical ascender/descender/fall-arrest device. It's very similar, in mechanical concept, to a ID, RIG, Grigri, D4, Cinch, etc. Except, it allows the rope to run straight through the device. So, foot & knee ascenders can be used; which is not at all 'convenient' with those...
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    New Hitch for the Hitch Hiker X and other things.

    Brocky: I tried this today. It worked amazingly well - even exquisitely. It tended better than anything I've used with the HH – almost like there was a pulley in the system. It advanced very easily & smoothly. On descent, it released with very little pressure and grabbed instantly upon...
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    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    Weaver 4D is a great harness after a night of BAD tacos … ;):risas:
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    Anyone use 2 flip lines?

    I prefer a DEDA Lanyard for tree work requiring complex work positioning. I've been using a Double Ended, Double Adjustable (DEDA) work positioning lanyard system for several years which was based upon the concepts and work done by TheTreeSpyder and Tom Dunlap. I've recently revised my...
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    Shotline Winder Throwline?

    I've been an online friend of Jim for ~15 years. I had the privilege to meet him, in person, at JAMBO, last weekend. Good times!
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    Shotline Winder Throwline?

    Tree Machine
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    DMM throw hook.

    Here's the listing on TreeStuff.
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    DMM throw hook.

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    Throw line trick

    Not really, it makes it easier to see what's happening in the video. And, sometimes it's good to leave the throw bag on, in case some manipulation is needed on the way up or down.
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    Throw line trick

    This is a simple, useful trick to retrieve a stuck throw ball in sketchy trees or other trees you don't 'need' to climb. This trick is also useful for retrieving a rope jammed in a tight union, using a carabiner or larger Q-link.
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    Quickest way for tree assending

    Well … there's a picture already attached to my post … :hueco:
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    Quickest way for tree assending

    Yes, agreed … I don't like the F8 for a stopper, either. I prefer a single or Double Overhand as a stopper – depending on the situation. However, just to be clear, in my HH8 Hitch the F8 is not a stopper. The F8 is at the top of the wraps which simply gives the hitch a broader 'sweet-spot' in...
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    Quickest way for tree assending

    Yes, the F8 simply gives the hitch a broader 'sweet-spot' – less fussy about tightness/loosness.