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    Rechargable Headlamps?

    +1 for the Actik core, with rechargeable battery. The battery life is surprising, to me. I spent a couple dark fall evenings working on framing my garden shed (2x 4hrs) and it still had charge.
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    Camp Tree Access Evo Climbing Harness?

    Does anyone have experience with this gear? Seems like a cool innovation - I like the little red loops on the side of the bridge, are they designed to support weight/second TIP? Plenty of 'biner loops, but one thing I don't notice: a solid ring or two to hang a chainsaw lanyard. -...
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    Edelrid Talon climbing gaff

    OK. You're thinking aluminum DMM geckos, right? what pads?
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    Edelrid Talon climbing gaff

    What's the status of Edelrid spikes since the recall? Are they more durable now? I'm not sold on the Edelrids just yet, but their offset shank design (not bump around ankle, but offset from arch to over the heel to align with leg bone better) seems logical. Any other spikes offer that feature?
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    Want to buy: ART Snake anchor

    Besides the certified rating, none I suppose.
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    Want to buy: ART Snake anchor

    GAP arb supplies should have them in stock, they just sent me one a couple three weeks ago.
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    How Small a Diameter is Safe to Climb High (Conifier)

    Don't make it like they used to, that's probably for sure. I think the perception of new gear being unsafe-ish is due to the stories we hear about that gear failing. Look at it this way, 35 yrs ago, you wouldn't be drinking your morning coffee in the PNW and read in your local paper about a tree...
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    * More stuff added 10/31* Buy some gear and help out a good cause

    Agreed, this is some next level awesome shit right here, bravo my friend.
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    72’ tracked lift $60,000

    I really like seeing your setups, truck, lift, mini, etc. But this post belongs in the 'Bay forum. Cheers
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    My biggest hardwood to date. Actually, by weight my biggest ever. 80ft 46dbh elm, DED got her.
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    Negative rigging pry bars

    Thanks for all the input on techniques fellas, I'm sure it will help someone. I got what I wanted, a link to the pry bar. Another tool in the bag.
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    Negative rigging pry bars

    That's the one, thanks!
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    Throwline Cube

    I'm with ya. When CI makes a throwline cube, I'll buy that & burn my weaver!
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    Negative rigging pry bars

    I'm thinking bigger chunks, when cutting deeper would make your butt pucker up.
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    Negative rigging pry bars

    Thanks for the responses. I use pull lines when I have help, but I'm asking this question for when I need to chunk out by myself and I don't want to take little child-size chunks. Sure if I had all the time in the world I'd set a ground block and pull from my perch in the spar, but I sure as...