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    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates

    MN TCC 4 & 5 May, 2019 MN Round Lake Park, Eden Prairie, MN
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    I like the way DMM, Rock, ISC, etc hold themselves accountable. So I don't have to think about that stuff while I'm thinking about other stuff eh.
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    Company Safety Manual

    Thanks for the replies folks. Yes, upon further review utilizing the TCIA resource is easily the most time efficient. Still plenty of room for customization. Still hours of work involved to make it good. R
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    Company Safety Manual

    Hello all, I'm very interested to see how others have tackled writing their own safety manual. Or have you used an existing document from TCIA? Are those working well for you? Thank you! R
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    Seth Bihun's lowerable daisy chain basal anchor

    Gotta love the 3 AM inspirationals! This is simple and familiar to most tree peeps, a positive. I'd like to see you test it further by actually trying to lower the climber by releasing the prusik. Hint: watch your knuckles! This could be made with an alpine butterfly above. In the case of an...
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    Advanced Climbing Workshop June 10 2019 Seattle- WTCW Instructors

    @southsoundtree, right? Cats and Dogs, living together. As long as they climb trees, doesn't matter to me. It's a special line up of instructors and participants from what I've seen. The format is going to be purposefully a little loose, so the demand will be driven by what folks want to...
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    More Discovery and Destruction

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    Advanced Climbing Workshop June 10 2019 Seattle- WTCW Instructors One day advanced climbing workshop through the Pacific Northwest Chapter of ISA. By popular demand, open to women and men. Instruction from CEUs offered This one is going to be FUN folks! The...
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    Figure 8 as top anchor when rescuing a climber

    At the risk of seeming dense, can you walk me through the timeline here? Is this a system the rescuer takes up into the spar? Are you assuming any particular scenario? I've got so many things to say about how we prepare for situations; any talk and preparation and thought is good in my...
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    Best saddle for Women

    Word on the street is that NewTribe has a size 0 in the works on the ONYX. Should be great for the smallest adult climbers...
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    Looking for TreeBoat rainfly please

    Hey ! New Tribe is no longer making them. If I can’t find a used one, gonna have to fabricate something.
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    Looking for TreeBoat rainfly please

    Have a standard TB, with mosquito netting, looking to expand my comfort with a rain fly. Don’t see them for sale at New Tribe...
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    Purposively Designed Chainsaw Protection for Women

    Can recommend! Extremely comfortable. Waiting for some warmer weather before I wear them daily.
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    Referral needed Arbo Ocala, FL

    Hi all, I've got a friend in Ocala, FL who is looking for a reputable certified arborist to do mature live oak pruning.,I told her not to hire anyone until I put it on the buzz! Thanks in advance, r
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    Ocean Vectran 6mm

    I noticed this too. I wonder if they are moving towards using the 7mm in it's place?