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    Shingles vaccine

    Hope you recovery quickly!
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    Diagnosis of maple tree

    Girdling roots?
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    Felling Large Hollow Oak Split In Half

    tree should have been saved. I didn't see any reason to cut it down.
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    October Glory Red Maple Trees Prunning

    If you are on here looking to learn about pruning, how do we know you planted them correctly? Pruning is last, correcting the root issues/planting first. Roots out radially, root ball opened up to encourage spreading and not circling and kinked. 10,20,40 yrs of pruning all for shit when the...
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    Beer Beer Beer.

    Did some math. Post it up later when I get chance. Basically after a year it is all paid for with almost double the consumption. I just like atleast a pint in evening. So this scheme works perfectly so 2 $ beer great beer from micro brew.
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    Beer Beer Beer.

    Ima ready for the Kegerator. Anyone with any advice suggestions or what to stay clear of. Cheers
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    Angry, let off some steam... Yo its Friday!

    80's was the best, an insane amount of drugs with equally insane amount/type of music.
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    Angry, let off some steam... Yo its Friday!

    Was lucky to be witness to this. the past present and future of rock n roll. Favourites on the same stage
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    Pull Testing Trees, risk assessment

    Everything you want to know is in your own backyard/landscape/park and forest. Make your own observations, soils, tree health, species, specific tree defecencies, characteristics, moisture content etc there is alot of shit to consider. Make note and study of trees recently failed and in the past...
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    Strangest Thing You've Ever Retrieved From a Tree?

    shards of fractured wood mangled racoon. it was in the base of failed leader/cavity rabid racoon also got tangled in my throwline had to club it to death and put it out of its misery after it fell from the tree.
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    Treemo leg loop flip

    yeah put it through the the same ring the blue streak is tied to. believe it would still be better than the reversed leg pads?
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    Treemo leg loop flip

    looks like you could use the larger opening of the side bridge rings and return it to the original position. Might mean undoing stitches and clips?