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    Why you should bring your helmet to lunch.

    Just goes to show, you never know... That's got to hurt, rest up and heal well!
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    Two seperate lanyards

    I use a ~23' lanyard and often wish it was a little longer. 30-35 ft lanyard is on the wish list, I think that is an excellent choice. I also utilize the tail of my climb line at times, but prefer something that is right on my hip ready to deploy.
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    ISO rope That's what I'm ordering for a friends rope swing. They have a few other decent discount options as well.
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    Stihl MS362 C-M. What do I need to know?

    +1 on skipping the 362. When I was moonlighting with my friend's company my choices were 362, 441, 461. I always grabbed the 461 first. I personally run Makita/Dolmar in that size range. the 64xx/73xx/7900/7901/7910 series is a largely unheard of, underrated beast of a saw with a bit of a...
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    Stihl Parts

    Sent you a PM with some relevant info that may help ;)
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    MS 461 Engine stop issue

    Beyond cleaning it, which very well could do the trick. Just get a new one and replace. Pretty cheap and easy to replace part, so sense in fighting one that isn't working right.
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    Stihl Parts, online sources?

    Actual Stihl dealers are not allowed to sell online. There are some third party sellers that stock some and can get anything you need that is available. I get Stihl parts from my makita/dolmar dealer. He is also an echo dealer and former jonsered dealer and works on all brands. Really knows...
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    Saw Won’t Cut Straight

    Assuming the new bar and chain you put on are a correct match to the saw's setup... that leaves you with bar mount, drive sprocket, bearing, crank, and operator. Take the bar off, give it a healthy compressed air bath. Pull the chain guides, brake covers, clutch drum, and blow everything out...
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    This is the Akimbo

    I hate to be the heart breaker, but I'm just going to assume that a ce certification cannot be given retroactively as it needs to be marked on the device. Kind of like the rope wrench, not all of them are ce approved, only the ones sold in the ce approved kits and are marked on them. Doesn't...
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    MS 461 R or 661 RCM?

    661for certain. For the same price as a 461 that is a no brainer. On top of that a 661 would have an open stall in my stable. The 461 slots are filled with dolmar/makita 7900s and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    $800 to spend - tell me what to buy!

    I'm not brand prejudice. I have Stihls, huskies, and makitas(dolmars). I like them all, but the makitas are my number one go to saw unless I'm leaving the ground or tackling some really big wood. If I were getting just one big saw to do side work a used 6400, 6401, 6421 for the right price...
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    Sthil 201t - keeps snapping

    Brand new saw, certainly the dealer's problem. I would insist they replace the entire assembly. There is no reason you should be investing any more of your time/money to fix what is obviously a factory defect. Factory defects happen, that is what the warranty is for.
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    Stripped Spark Plug!

    Timeserts or find somebody who can weld it and retap.
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    Overnight climb in the middle of nowhere...

    Well I wasn't able to make it to the campout so I can't report back on that. If we were to meet there to climb it would be off the books as far as their business is concerned. I would of course get their blessing and ask them to join first if they'd like. I've seen your videos so I can call...
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    Rope Grabs Fall Protection Petzl - Camp - MSA

    I know I need at least one some day to go with my fall arrest harness. If I hadn't been off work injured for the past two + months I'd buy one now. Doesn't seem to be much interest as of now, but here in a few weeks once I recoup some lost time/funds I will revisit this thread and we can talk...