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    Dean's Ranch

    Re: Dean\'s Ranch Organized choas.. lol Nice work
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    Drill and GRCS

    Here's an assault on a Maple tree. I think you know how the story ends.
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    Drill for GRCS

    here's one. I use this and plug into HO's house. If no power small generator. U can find them now for like a couple hundo's. 1000 watts works fine. Will post vid. Doing removal tomorrow and a she's tight spot. Sent PM.
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    amsteel II crane spider legs.

    Like the idea of the hitch then bowline. very easy to untie when loaded. That is called a hitch right?
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    bad crane tree accident

    Looked like cirque du soleil.
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    Spiderjack not descending correctly

    Sevylevy a friction saver should be use for the spiderjack for the friction aspect and the dirt from the bark causing abrasion on the cam wearing them out more quickly.
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    Removal Rumble

    Good luck Youtube trying to block that video for copyright infringement. Nice vid. becoming a legend one vid at a time.
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    Golden CO crane removal

    Weird stuff coming up.
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    Do you have the family here yet?
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    Hope BC is treating you well. All the best in the greatest country on the earth. - the government.
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    Crane fail

    Question to crane op's .. Is there a benefit to have the boom fully extended compared to having it shortened up? That tree was a climber. Crane should be in driveway with steel pads. my 2 cents
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    Unbelievable product!

    Thinking car treatments..
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    No mini no problem

    Would a mini even be able to load that truck?
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    Norway Maple decay

    Re: Please Here's a song you probably already know...
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    Norway Maple decay

    Wow, someone's a little sensitive.