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    Newbie climber - how to climb tree with no proper crotches, without using spurs?

    This video shows how I do stem climbing without spurs. Please ignore the goofiness at the front.
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    Saved from a stupid mistake by a backup prussic

    I have not checked into this thread in a while. One answer - yes, I use lanyards. In fact, I always have two long lanyards up with me in case I have to climb above my tie-in point (depending on how far above the tie-in I will either remain attached to the main rope or detach myself). In this...
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    Saved from a stupid mistake by a backup prussic

    The thing that I find interesting about the responses is that I described something that I do (the backup prussic) that saved me a trip to the hospital, and the responses say "Eh, you shouldn't be using that -- you just need to Get Good!". Haha -- sorry, I am going to keep using it -- or else...
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    Saved from a stupid mistake by a backup prussic

    Did I ever say it wasn't? I think that I clearly said, "I made a mistake." How else do you want me to say it? What I am thinking that I did no wrong in was using a thimble hitch backup. Clearly, in this case, I was correct in that, for me. Maybe not for others -- but for me -- it saved me from...
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    Saved from a stupid mistake by a backup prussic

    Thanks for replies. I posted it because I was stupid, and wanted to share. Obviously, I am not always spatially aware, or always follow the exact same protocol at every instant in the tree. I am human, and got in a rush like humans do. My backup saved me from a human mistake that I made...
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    Saved from a stupid mistake by a backup prussic

    I am an amateur climber and have been rescuing cats for about 4.5 years. I do SRT ascent with the Bulldog Bone, and have a backup thimble prussic above the BDB which is connected to a second bridge on my Treemotion via a long webbing loop. I saw the dual bridge setup on these forums, and liked...
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    Akimbo Pre Order Poll

    11/11 wesspur. About the wesspur discount, this was posted in the 'Wicked excited about the Akimbo' Facebook group. Seems no discounts if you ordered after 11/11. I did not get an email and I got the discount. From the Facebook post: "Note: The Akimbo is subject to MAP pricing and is...
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    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up.

    Very true....I was fortunate. I did get a skinned up knuckle, that was it. I should have load tested my TIP better (I like the static technique that Richard posted a while back) and should have been pruning those stubs on the way up. I will do better next time, I try not to make the same...
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    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up.

    I have used this technique a few times since I watched the video by Richard, and it works great. Today, I used it on a cat rescue because of a sketchy tie-in, and it caught me when my tie-in broke. I dropped a foot or two before the trunk lanyard caught, and my main rope caught on another...
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    Treemotion harness on sale 10/19/17

    Dammit. Yeah, I did this. An extra harness can come in handy.
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    TreeStuff and SherrillTree Join Forces

    Ok, thanks. I was just wondering. I don't trust the OMB warehouse link that shows up from Google search since they are not climbers - I want to buy from a climbing company. I will use a different brand, will give me something to compare against since Cougar is the only 24-strand that I have...
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    TreeStuff and SherrillTree Join Forces

    Why was Cougar rope dropped from Treestuff? That was my goto rope with my BDB, now need to find a replacement.
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    What do you need to ascend SRT with no arm use?

    Would also like to see pictures, thanks!
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    Yeah, that is my setup in those pictures. I did the thimble as a backup when I first got the bone as I was uncertain about an all mechanical hitch. I got used to it, then started using a dual bridge where the thimble is connected to one bridge, and the bone to other the other bridge. I figure...
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    Need help with Tree ID

    Thanks for the help, that was quick!