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    Climber forman

    Don't worry Tyler it only gets worse. My kids are 11 and 13 and all we do is argue about internet usage, good times... Where do you live btw?
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    Climber forman

    So on a side note, we had a climber try out this week, well he said he was a climber. He had the gear and said he was experienced with crane removals. Put him in the tree with crane and had him set a chain and he made his way to the cut. I had to tell him everything he had to do. Had him lanyard...
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    How many days a week do you climb?

    This right here is why I invented the Wraptor. As we age climbing 5 days a week is too hard on the body. I usedto be a kick ass climber, now I'm 50! And can't do 5 days a week. I am now semi retired, retired into my crane and am making better money than ever before. Lots of headaches what with...
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    Single axle loader truck

    Shit antique or not I like it. Probably a straight 6 with manual injector pump and a durable trans, all of which I can work on. Never in my life have I spent that much on a truck though. I got our 35t grove AT for the same amount!!
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    Climber forman

    Located in Charlottesville VA College town with lots of honeys
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    Climber forman

    Looking for self motivated climber Forman for a well established highly mechanized company. We are focused on large removals and have all the toys to get the job done efficiently and safely. Equipment includes 35t grove AT crane 22 inch chipper knuckle boom wheel loaders dingo stump grinders. We...
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    Reno TreeStuff Party - March 16th

    Do you guys have these parties so Sherrill can steal from the attendees?
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    Trouble with Up Equips 87-48

    I would tell ya to buy a Wraptor but we don't have any for a bit.....
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    Training New Employees

    Comm helmets are a must for training imo
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    Chipper shaking/breaking bolts.

    Now that is some scary Shit right there
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    Matt Cornell Rope Saddle

    I think the arb world really needs to wake up and realize how bad Sherrill is for our industry. At a time when a lot of the innovations within our industry come from working arbs and Sherrill screws them all over because they are not big businesses so not worthy of any respect. I wouldn't piss...
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    Chipper shaking/breaking bolts.

    Not familiar with terex but most drums have an access plate on the side, if it is still unbalanced after you pull the blades remove plates and clean out the sawdust inside drum...
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    Help with hydraulic rotation for bucket truck

    Good advise there
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    Ice vests

    I have used them for years and really like them. Here in Virginia we often have temps over 100 degrees in summer time with high humidity. You need a system that utilizes phase change cooling. The inserts that contain the phase change material are a white solid when they come out of the cooler...
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    Tree service owner operator struck by falling tree he cut in bayville NJ

    No I don't know, luckily. Had a few like that bounce past my face but never made contact. Stay way friken clear now. Skary out the blue Shit right there. We need paid more FYI.