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    Old spikeless climbing invention

    Still available from Forestry Suppliers for a cool $2400.
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    Excellent point!
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    vermeer 935 bc

    Curious to know the asking price. I had one with a gas Wisconsin. Outstanding unit as Gerasimek says. If you dont get it I may be interested. Kinda been looking for one.
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    Brittle wood?

    The wood is also light. probably the lightest wood you will ever see. has a hollow pith chamber about an inch or so in diameter. The big limbs you speak of will be brittle.
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    Good question. I'm interested to hear the answer.
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    Ascension Only?

    I used the same set up early in my SRT evolution and although it worked fine, I had several concerns; 1 was the bee or other emergency issue. That outcome is fairly obvious. 2 was the changeover; many time my position made it difficult to do the changeover of systems. Thirdly was my concern of...
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    Thanks for this info Steve. I are an old fart that refuses to facebook.
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    Generally follows isa itcc rules. Head to head open ascent replaces individual oa. That event happens Friday evening. All other events as itcc. At least that was how last years event ran. I had a blast!
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    Legends AKA Geezers 2019

    I don't know about the lot at RRI but inside sucks! I had people across the hall from my room loud and obnoxious all night both nights last year and they weren't tree people. Us geezers need our rest you know!
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    Christmas tree options

    For years my brother would come from southeastern PA to central PA to get his tree. A friend of mine had a tree farm and would allow us to dig one rather than cut. It had become a tradition and we did that for about 15-18 years or so. One year as we both were huffing and puffing and sweating...
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    Christmas tree options

    Doug then frasier.
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    Used truck dealer reviews

    Dont know anything about them but their dr website seems to be top shelf. Stuff looks very nice and a lot with new bodies and hoists. But you can always put lipstick on a pig.
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    Alex Black

    Thoughts and prayers to the family.
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    Cabling: Too tight? Too loose?

    Mr. Colb is in Florida, no real winter there like you are questioning. Also, Live Oak holds foliage all year so there is not so much weight variation season to season as your more northern trees that loose all foliage.
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    Eastern Kentucky

    Stay where you are.