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    Best Climbing Pants?

    I have the SIP Progress pants only because they are the only manufacturer that makes them big enough for my fat butt. They seem to be hot in summer and cold in winter, not sure how they do that. Bailey's has an economy version that I may try sometime, but I want to try the Cloggers first as they...
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    What do you enjoy about tree work?

    Lifelong learning, a collection of friends that is worldwide, the satisfaction of completing a project on time and within budget, a good kind of tired at the end of the day, sawdust in my ears, nose, eyes and everywhere else on my body, a genuine "thank you" from the client, respect of my peers...
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    Outside my budget.
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    DMM Biners + Hitch Climber, Focus Swivel, Buckingham Ergo Economy

    Don't know how I missed this pm sent.
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    What are you thinking of as a price point?
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    30’ Fall

    Glad he was not seriously hurt. A learning experience with potentially severe consequences. Hope his injuries heal quickly, all except pride.
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    Marlow ropes

    Found it, thanks.
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    Marlow ropes

    Where did you find those splicing instructions? I can't seem to get the Marlow site to cooperate or they have them well hidden.
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    Marlow ropes

    When I asked wesspur about I was told the parallel core prevented both hand and sewn splicing on this rope. Too bad because I like the tensile strength and low elongation. Any Marlow reps out there care to send a sample to me to test?
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    Trees from a distance

    Abies concolor.
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    Interesting response growth.

    I was called to the area on another issue and when I arrived the homeowner was waiting to show me this. She was afraid she would.have to remove e the tree. I told her all was OK and that I had never seen such a prolific adventitious rooting. She was relieved and happy.
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    Marlow ropes

    The Vega had my interest until I found out it can't be spliced. I like having an eyesplice in my lines, it gives me more options. Then again, the name reminds me of a crappy Chevy.
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    Marlow ropes

    Any of the web supply houses. Bailey's sometimes has good sales on rope but a narrow selection. Knot and Rope Supply is also good. I usually try to watch for holiday sales from wesspur and TreeStuff.
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    Girdling Root Advise Needed

    Dig to find out where it goes. many times large girdling roots like that have already taken over for other roots. are there any symptoms in the crown that could be linked to the root issue?
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    Trying to choose a Stump Grinder

    Consider service and parts a avilablity as.well. machines are great when they run and not so great when broken down and waiting for parts.