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    Quoting Bush and Hedge Trimming

    I generally tell clients that if the work can be done by a landscaper, go with the landscaper.
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    Runner, HHx, RE Totem for sale

    Zeeter and jeremyr80: one of my guys just returned a rope runner I loaned him, as it wasn't for him. That means I'm all good on rope runners for now. Still a good deal on this one. Hopefully an opportunity now for jeremyr80.
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    Call to regulation pros/cons...

    On occupational licensing, Russ Roberts of Econtalk has a couple of good interviews, from opposing perspectives: More regulation is coming, and, although it will knock out many of our...
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    Tower climber here dealing with hornets

    When an aerial rescue will only prolong a climber's suffering: scramble the flame thrower drone! There's dignity in incinerating all evidence of the your employee's errors and ANSI violations. Hoping to see an uptick in casualties by spontaneous combustion in the TCIA accident briefs.
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    Tower climber here dealing with hornets

    I think I'd want a speedy escape option down a long rope, and then send up a fancy drone with hornet spray.
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    Tower climber here dealing with hornets

    Yikes! I've got no answer. The latest Climbing Arborist podcast interviews a climber with a horrific tale of hornet attack. Here's a previous Treebuzz thread on the subject.
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    Bactericides and Fungicides

    JD, would it not work to mix the propiconizale with the emamectin benzoate solution and inject both at once? Some of our clients have ash trees that defoliate once from ash anthracnose ever year, and so if we're planning to inject for EAB, should/could we suggest the simultaneous fungicide...
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    Can someone tell me what tree this wood is from?

    If I saw that around here, I would think it's mulberry heartwood--judging mainly by the color and the way it seems to reflect light. I'm sure they have mulberry trees in France. Nice photos. Mulberries ordinarily do grow fast though.
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    Bandit 15XP price?

    Hey Flying Squirrel, we were just about to order the PSI software, cable, and adapter for $398. Have you found that these tools give you a worthwhile resource beyond the method that Evan mentions of blinking out the engine codes without any software or cords?
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    Kretzschmaria...death sentence...?

    Please pass on any good articles too. I'd love to learn more about the options, especially when all we see is a little spot of K. deusta on a large tree. I'm also curious to know of anyone using Trichoderma or RootShield Plus.
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    Kretzschmaria...death sentence...?

    Any good results from phosphorous acid on K. deusta? (I just read an article mentioning, in passing, that it wasn't effective. Any results with trichoderma?
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    Mosquito applications

    I've eliminated mosquitos around my house with permethrin/bifenthrin spot spraying. The labels are restrictive about where you can spray this stuff for given its toxicity to aquatic critters. I'd also be curious to know what the professional mosquito abatement folks use. I love doing what I can...
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    Guy drops chainsaw from 60ft, zero damage???

    Our saws used to regularly crack and break apart, spontaneously, according to the employees.
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    "One handing" a chainsaw??!!

    Probably not too many strong opinions about this. For safety reasons the industry needs to move on from chainsaws and bucket trucks altogether, towards high explosives.
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    Two seperate lanyards

    I'm jazzed with the long double lanyard that @DavidRicks just spliced and assembled for me. Just got it last night, but David and some of the other innovative climbing pros are apparently rocking these to great effect. Should be great for passing branches or extending into one long lanyard. The...