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    Palm tree fire

    He's fine. I talked to him a few days ago. This actually happened 2 years ago. That's the internet for you... Patrick
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    Real Tree Work Vol. 2

    Little music video I made a few weeks ago. Cheers. - Patrick
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    Spider Leg: Basic Setup

    I hardly ever use this technique, but it's good to know...
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    Drop World

    Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.....
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    Drop World

    Turn it up! Climb High, Work Smart, Read More. - Patrick
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    The fundementals of general tree work book by jerry beranek.

    High Climbers and Timber Fallers is fantastic as well, it's all stories of different jobs and loggers over the years, all with full color photography. Beautiful book. Word on the street is that it might go the way of the Fundamentals in the next couple of years... Patrick
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    Ups and Downs...

    Thank you @Bob Bob , I really appreciate that! I love how this one turned out.... Patrick
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    Ups and Downs...

    Good eye Steve! Thanks
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    Ups and Downs...

    @CanadianStan I have a ground guy Alex, and my apprentice James. All of my online stuff is for training my apprentice, he is the Educated Climber. I'm just a nerd with a camera and a laptop. ;) - Patrick
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    Ups and Downs...

    @CanadianStan I only used 2 cameras for this video, the helmet cam (Session 4) and the one I showed setting up, Hero 5. That attachment is something I made up, it's just an old canvas belt that I sewed a piece of plastic to, and mounted a GoPro attachment to it. It's a work in progress! - Patrick
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    Ups and Downs...

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    Hourly rates

    The Educated Climber Podcast Episode 6: The Perception of Value Today on the podcast we explore some fundamental aspects of how we price our services in this industry. This is a very complex topic, and there is a lot of disagreement out there, so I want...
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    SAKA Rides Again: Knee Ascender Wars and US Patents

    Yes, I see that. I assume he signed an agreement with Weaver a while back, which is still binding, regardless of what happened in the future with the USPTO. Anyway, to be honest, I think the SAKA mini is superior to both the original SAKA as well as the HAAS. So, really, joke's on them...
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    Bend Right Rigging Ring

    Yeah, I have no idea how Peter spliced that. It's awesome though!
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    SAKA Rides Again: Knee Ascender Wars and US Patents

    As far as I can tell, this means that he can still make the original SAKA, and Weaver can't say a thing about it....