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    Battery Saw Onsite Charging

    If not working residentially then keep a gas saw with saw gas in case u burn up all the batteries?
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    Knee Pain & Foot Ascenders

    Heard he's not selling them anymore?
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    Lithium powered saws?

    Musk got litty two titty with joe
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    Tree With Power Line (Picture)

    Are you guys seriously still trying to keep the serial killers victims cold while your fuckin around with a tree? Great ideas but its his ass if those body's thaw and start smelling up his place and drawing unwanted attention. Its your ass if your not an electrician and you fry his circuit...
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    Marlow ropes

    When u say u use the sterling cord itself for srt hitches are you refering to a custom cord you made using sterling's cover if not, which cord are you referring to? I have a bunch of sterling rope and cords so im just curious
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    Marlow ropes

    Ahh good cheap idea I like it. Idk if I ever had a hitch cord with nylon cover. I assume the nylon behaves not much different than poly...probably wears down quicker but easy and cheap to replace. I been noticing you seem to really like that technora in your hitch cords. Does that nylon ever...
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    Marlow ropes

    I agree I thought the finish product was gonna be much more stiffer but so far in really liking how its behaving with everything I got. So did u mention that you can buy covers from Marlow?
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    . I was always interested in one but was too cheap n easy to make my own. I would make offer but i can't come close to your asking price good luck
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    Marlow ropes

    I was also curious what your thought about the fit of the tech cord in that sheath? I'm pretty sure mine is 9mm
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    SRS to MRS in the tree

    Still many other options descending srt
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    Marlow ropes

    How strong do ya think your sling is when spliced eye without the core like that? Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing guys splice eyes like that but I didn't remember them doing 24 strand, thought it was 16 or something
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    Skeleton Lanyard using 10mm shackles

    The weight of that shackle has to be pretty close if not more than some of the micro pulleys on the market id think. Maybe a boat snap would be lighter or tying a hitch directly to your d ring with the rope through the d ring so your d is the tender
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    Marlow ropes

    Since I've done this I've been very interested in triple braids and found this thread and didn't really know that anyone was doing this kinda thing so I appreciate any thoughts and insight you can offer, ty. P.s. is the rope the strongest if I milk the cover as tight as possible before I...
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    Marlow ropes

    Hi brock, I recently messed up a splicing attempt on a hank of velocity so ill salvaged the cover and was able to stuff some new England tech cord inside the velocity cover. I had to mills the cover hard to make it smooth and round but with doing that I understand the cover might not add much...